Startup Weekend Judging Criteria



So you got out of the building & did your market & product validation. That’s awesome! You’re working on refining your MVP for Sunday’s final presentation, maybe you even had to pivot your idea based on the feedback you were getting. So now what? If you’re not aware the Startup Weekend judging criteria is broken up into three sections, teams are judged according to the following 3 criteria (weighted equally):

Business Model

    • How does the team plan on making this a successful business? Have they thought about (either solved or identified problems) competition, how to scale, acquiring customers, their revenue model etc?

Customer Validation

    • Are teams building something that people actually want? How well does the team understand their customer and their customer’s needs. Did the team get out and talk to customers? What is the value proposition to customers?

Execution & Design

    • Have they established a “Minimal Viable Product” for the weekend (software, hardware, etc.)? *Note: an MVP is the minimum set of features to be able to start collecting data. Does it deliver a compelling and captivating user experience? Were they able to demo something functional?

What is Global Startup Battle?

GSB Statistics

Startup Weekend & Global Startup Battle explained:

We’re all super excited for this year’s Startup Weekend and not only that, but also for the Global Startup Battle that is happening as well. That means that not only will you be able to try your skills against your local entrepreneurs, but also be able to compete for some awesome prizes in a number of different tracks against participants in over 100 countries! So what does this all mean? Let’s break it down.

But first you should take a look at this awesome infographic about the 2014 Global Startup Battle just to get an idea of what’s in store for this year!

OK. So what are the details you ask? Very simple:

  • In order to compete in the GSB 2015 you will need to attend a Startup Weekend event on either the weekend of Nov 13 or Nov 20 (Since you already signed up for the event this shouldn’t be a problem!)
  • After the end of the event you will need to submit a 90 second video of your pitch within 48 hours of the event ending
  • You can submit to as many Tracks as you wish, as long as your team meets their requirements
  • Please see the GSB 2015 Attendee Pack for additional information
  • Hashtag Battle: have a little fun during the event & tweet with #GSB2015 and #SWTampa to create buzz about Tampa Bay & Startup Weekend!

Tracks? What are these tracks you speak of?

  • The Champions Track: the top 3 winning teams from each Startup Weekend event are able to compete against other teams from across the globe.
  • Didn’t win, but still have an awesome idea? No worries, there’s plenty of Themed Tracks for everyone!
  • Great in the Making Track – Made great by Mr. Coffee: If you seek to make a difference (a great difference) in the lives of others, this is your track.
  • The Innovators Track – Powered by .CO: Calling all Startup Weekend teams that are launching their brilliant ideas on a .CO domain!
  • Disruptors & Big Ideas Track – Powered By Transpose: For the entrepreneurs setting out to change industries with visionary ideas.
  • Education through Video and Beyond Track – Powered by YouTube: How will you harness video to make great educational experiences possible around the world?
  • Mobile Growth Track – Sponsored By Branch: Calling all app developers and enthusiasts! Let Branch help you launch your next big idea!
  • Startup Women Track – Supported by Techstars Foundation: Join us and help create diversity in technology entrepreneurship around the world.
  • Open Track – Sponsored By A brand new way to compete! This Track is for teams who do not attend a GSB event and are in the early stages of launching their ideas.

This all sounds awesome, how do I start? If you have yet to sign up (really, why haven’t you signed up yet?) then just follow this handy link and register today!

Startup Weekend Youth isn’t just kid stuff.

Scissors and construction paper modeling gained new life for blossoming entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay. The group cooperated in teams for three days, learning about startup principles– and pitfalls– from a team of successful geezers…er, mentors.

Two bright young entrepreneurs, brothers Tristan and Tyler Crawford, were among the enthusiastic crowd of middle school students

Over the course of the weekend, the brothers launched a business plan for a ‘cooling device’ they designed to beat the Florida heat. They are currently exploring a patent to protect their idea, and have used the skills they learned at Startup Weekend Youth to begin raising money through a GoFundMe account ( They also landed a spot on Tampa Bay’s Amazing Kids!

Startup Weekend, Startup Weekend Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay

“My brother [Tyler] and I attended the Startup Weekend Youth event because we had an idea and wanted to learn how to start a business,” Tristan Crawford, 13, said via email. “We focused on several main points, including cost, marketing, distribution, research, pitching a product, and competition… we are currently working on our project by doing further research and testing.”

When asked what he would say to other young people with business ideas, Crawford reminds his peers that even a little idea can develop into something great.

“I heard about the Startup Weekend from my school… They were hosting and promoting the course,” Crawford said. “My favorite part of the weekend was the presentation or the ‘pitch’ because I really got to work on my presentational skills and [the mentor process] helped me with my confidence in speaking in front of an audience. This is useful when I am selling my product and trying to raise money.”

By providing the same type of focal camaraderie that makes Startup Weekend an effective hub for adult learning and friendship, Startup Weekend Youth helped two adolescent brothers play nicely together for three whole days, while raising money… a true startup miracle.

Tampa Bay Startup Week is coming (Feb 2-6) bringing alllll the hot events, speakers and more! Tap in to your local community and reap the rewards.–>