Meet the Mentors of Startup Weekend Zwolle (Part 1)

At Startup Weekend Zwolle, Mentors provide actionable advice and valuable insights, help to design the experiments and guide participants in building a strong business foundation. Sharing their competence, knowledge and aspiration, Mentors will bring out the best of your team!

So we’re very pleased to have these mentors on board at Startup Weekend Zwolle:

Sebastiaan Heijne

Signkick Co-founder Sebastiaan Heijne is a London-based Dutch entrepreneur with 15 years of e-commerce experience and a lifetime of passion for technology.

His specialties: Entrepreneurship, Sales strategy, Growth Hacking, Coding, e-commerce, Outdoor advertising

In his spare time, he currently advises & supports the Dutch government, he provides mentoring at numerous accelerators, guides some cool startups, teaches at the HULT university and is quite often a speaker to warn – sorry… inspire budding new entrepreneurs!

Arjan Yspeert

Arjan Yspeert is an Internet marketeer with a broad experience in the use of offline marketing tools as well. Travels up and down between strategy, tactical and operational activities.

Tactics and operations meaning traffic and conversion improvement for websites and apps: seo, sea, linkbuilding, affiliate, e-mailshots, social media campaigning and the likes.

Deeply interested in mentoring internet start-ups (webapps) as they ‘blow his mind’. He loves to see young, bright developers, designers and marketeers come together in an effort to improve software and take the world by storm.

Elmar Weber

Elmar is the CTO and Co-Founder of Cupenya, a company that enables companies to provide better customer support through immediate answers. He works since over 10 years with everything, tech and a focus on big data and machine learning.

Elmar attended multiple Startup Weekends and won the 2014 Startup Weekend Utrecht with the Greenbricks team and is looking forward to share his experience as a mentor this year.

In his spare time he plays golf and works on open source project to sharpen his handicap and coding skills.