CEO TradeCast Yillmaz Schoen: ‘Don’t think too small’

CEO TradeCast Yillmaz Schoen about Startup Weekend Zwolle

A few weeks ago, we interviewed serial entrepreneur Jorrit Baerends about his passion for building new businesses and why he’s startup mentor at Startup Weekend Zwolle.

As part of our series “Humans of Startup“, we also interviewed Yillmaz Schoen, CEO of TradeCast in Zwolle.

We talked about how you can be a successful entrepreneur and why he can’t wait to meet new people during Startup Weekend Zwolle:

How did you start?

Yillmaz: “I’ve always had a lot of ideas in my head: I saw things in the broadcasting and publishing industry and thought I could do it better. All those thoughts I’ve combined into one product that would genuinely intrigue people. That’s how I came up with the idea of Tradecast TV. My startup in developing cloud technology that enables people to start their own tv network, both traditional and on-demand.

Right now, we’re quite successful, but we’re striving to grow even bigger! We are a little bit stubborn and we held tight to our initial plan. Off course moving with the flow of the market, but staying close to our fundamental concept created the success. We want to change the traditional industry all from this tiny town Zwolle.”

‘Don’t think too small’

Yillmaz continues: “When it comes to meeting people, I’d love to meet people who have big ambitions. During Startup Weekend I really hope to meet a few! I like to share my knowledge with them and see if I can help them build their startup to a success. Entrepreneurship is a matter of doing: it’s a bit of a gamble, but there’s always a new experience waiting. Don’t think too small – think big! But also think scalable and consider your market potential wisely. That’s how you make it.”

Interview by Annemarijn Kruyswijk and Else Strijbos, staff of Startup Weekend Zwolle 2017

Dutch Startup Founder about international growth: “Are your customers willing to pay?”

Dutch Startup Founder about international growth

A lot of Startup entrepreneurs dream about conquering the world with their product. But competition is everywere – so what should you do in order to grow? What challenges will you face? I think it’s a good idea to ask Jorrit Baerends, Startup Founder of Adpiler, serial entrepreneur and member of the Launchlab community.

#1 What is Adpiler?

Adpiler is the world’s first platform that not only shows banners to customers, but also manages the feedback processs. Banner designers and creative agences use Adpiler to display ads in a professional way to their customers. They present banners within the context of real websites – such as New York Times. Within this context, customers can give direct feedback. This prevents a lot of email messages between designers and customers. So Adpiler users save a lot of time, on average 3 hours per banner set.

#2 Why did you start with Adpiler?

Via Adcrowd, a self-service retargeting platform I founded years ago, I am connected to a lot of online marketing agencies. I noticed how much time designer spend to agree with customers about a set of online ads. Both designers and accountmanagers spend a lot of time collecting customer feedback. I was very surprised there wasn’t any tool to improve this process. So I came up with the idea to create one myself and therefore I developed a new platform. With Adpiler, the design process is more streamlined and a lot shorter.

#3 What challenges did you face?

My biggest challenge in development was usability for all kind of online banners. Customer are using different advertentising networks – such as Doubleclick or Sizmek. Every network has its own features for banners. I was a real challenge to make Adpiler suitable for all these different banners, regardless which network they’re made for. I’m very happy we found a solution for this problem.

Biggest challenge in marketing and sales is reaching the right audience. Customer who found us, are very satisfied and enthusiastic. However it’s pretty hard to get in touch with banner designers and creative directors. After testing different marketing strategies, we choose Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Content Marketing to fuel growth.

#4 What should Startup Founders do to grow their business?

My best advice would be: think global, act global. If you have a true startup, your business is scalable. So it makes no sence to limit your scope just to The Netherlands or just to Europe. Take a close look at countries were your customers come from. Try to understand what customers are willing to pay for your product. At Adpiler, we focus on Western countries, because we know they are more willing to pay for using our platform.

This interview was first published in Dutch at Launchlab – The Techstart Community

Have a look at our 1st Sponsor of Startup Weekend Zwolle!

hanz sponsor startup weekend zwolle

Finding a great location is one of the most important things you want to do when organizing a Startup Weekend. And we have succeeded to do just that! The 1st Edition of Startup Weekend Zwolle will be organized at Hanz, an inspiring place where innovation and connection go hand in hand.

The Hanz’ building is located in ‘Hanzeland’. Its location is almost perfect because of the nearby train station and connection to the highway. Besides that, the facilities are also pretty great.

sponsor startup weekend zwolle

However, these are certainly not the only things we took into consideration. We are also delighted by the mission and vision of Thijs van Dieren and Johan Neerhof, the men behind the realization and success of Hanz.

Putting their ideas into action, Thijs and Johan wanted to create the perfect playground for innovation: an inspiring place where entrepreneurs, government and education would meet eachother and connect with their environment. As you can imagine, this matches pretty well with Startup Weekend.

We’re thankfull and very proud of Hanz to be our very first sponsor. And we’re convinced that it will be the right place of organizing the 1st edition of Startup Weekend Zwolle!