CleanTech a term often used but rarely defined…

You probably have heard the name CleanTech a couple times before, but do you really know what it means? Unfortunately there is no single definition for CleanTech but rather a variety of slightly different ones. The good thing is they are all relatively similar and most key statements are the same. At the core of the CleanTech concept is the idea to conserve resources while increasing productivity and profitabillity at the same time. To achieve this goal new technologies, products and services are to be used. This concept is of increasing relevance in a world where an economy, which relies on endless growth clashes with the reality of finite natural resources. Fortunately the awareness of this fact is slowly increasing resulting in more and more companies try to embed this concept into their business model.

One of many forms of CleanTech

CleanTech is not industry specific allowing pretty much every company to incorporate at least some of the ideas into their operations. Some examples where it is already used include recycling, mobility, renewable energy sources as well as agriculture and waste management among others.

Besides the aforementioned factors CleanTech is sometimes also used to describe ethical investments which is a form of social sustainability.

To enable a stronger push towards CleanTech a change of government policies would be desirable creating more incentives for companies to change their business models gradually towards a more sustainable one.

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