Meet our #swCPH mentors: David Ventzel

David Ventzel

David as a business accelerator and investor at Accelerace has worked with several companies at startup level, helping them understand their markets and their customers’ needs and demands, overcoming obstacles and guiding them towards growth. Some of the companies David has worked with are: Penneo, Transporteca, Templafy, Bellmetrc, etc.

With vast focus on business development David’s expertise, experience, analytical and creative approach will manage to navigate Startup Weekend Copenhagen 2014 teams’ ideas in the right directions. 

Meet our #swCPH mentors: Willi Wu

Willi is one of the two founders at Robocat. With his background in computer science Willi works as a lead developer at this Danish software studio, which is focused on building unique applications for iOS platform.

Willi Wu- Robocat

In the past Robocat has developed several successful weather related apps. On top of that, the company had also built a largely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 for the small innovative electrical device they designed called Thermodo.


Willi himself already has an experience as a mentor at previous Startup Weekend Copenhagen and will be ready to share his experience, insights and valuable knowledge with participants at the upcoming one. We are looking forward to meeting Willi. You might too if you get your tickets now.

Startup Weekend Copenhagen 2014 kicks off in: 7 days

So exciting! And its not just another entrepreneurial event in town..

We – the volunteer community leaders #swCPH strongly believe that by combining creative designers, talented coders and determined business model minds.. spectacular events occur.

Startup Weekend is all about action in just 54hours. The diversification in teams leads to concrete outcomes in form of products which are carefully though through from every single aspect.


Along food and coffee which are ready to keep the brains sparkling with high energy volumes there are brilliant speakers and experienced mentors with various professional backgrounds ready on board. They certainly are our gold dust, bringing spice to the teams – questioning participants’ ideas, helping to trim them down and shape around, while offering valuable insights, inspirations and advice.

This journey is hard work.. but a rewarding one. After all, you know what they say: ”Don’t dream of success. Work for it!” But for the sake of FUN take a look at this cool video that makes startup life look as easy as watching MTV.

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For some this will be an awesome experience: meeting the like-minded, learning something new, getting inspired.. for others it really might be a life-changing one.

What are you waiting for? There still are some tickets available. Join the adventure!

Meet our #swCPH mentors: Jakob Marovt

Jakob is a co-founder and CMO of Pipetop. He combines computer science background with several years of startup marketing experience.


Jacob has been a part of some of the top accelerators (Techstars and Seedcamp) and has amassed a ton of experience during his years at early stage startups around the world.

He is looking forward to share his past accelerator experiences and mentor startup weekend participants in early stage marketing and product design with all attendees of Startup Weekend Copenhagen.

Meet our #swCPH mentors: Zenia Francker

Zenia as a general manager at Founders House is in very close touch with startup community in Copenhagen. She listens to a lot of pitches every month and possesses valuable knowledge in this field. And therefore will be available to guide teams so they have a great chance to win at the end of the Startup Weekend Copenhagen 2014Hear Zenia’s advices before the actual event:


She also observes startups in different areas of tech, following them closely as they go from the idea to the venture. Zenia is ready to mentor all attendees on business opportunities/business model, important network creation and professional pitching suitable for the given audience!

If you haven’t yet, now is a great change to grab your ticket via following link:

Meet our #swCPH mentors: Kristian Klausen

Kristian is a Danish qualified Attorney-at-Law (advokat) specialised in M&A, Private Equity, Venture Capital and general corporate law. Kristian will be a huge asset to Startup Weekend Copenhagen participants as he is very active in the VC community often representing either VC funds or companies in VC investments.Mentor:Kristian

In 2013, Kristian was one of the initiators in establishing the Investment Network under the Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (DVCA) and he serves as chairman of the Investment Network.

If you haven’t yet, now is a great change to grab your ticket via following link: