Preparing for Startup Weekend EDU

Our team is gearing up for Startup Weekend EDU in Boston this weekend and we’ve been excited to see incredible interest from local educators, students (high school, college, and graduate!), designers, developers, and professionals of all backgrounds.  We’ll also be welcoming visitors from outside of the Greater Boston Area and we can’t wait to show them the talent, enthusiasm, and passion our city has to offer.

As participants are preparing for an intense 54-hours just before the holidays, we wanted to start a running list of resources that could help the make the most of their time.  If you know of other great articles, presentations, or videos about education, edtech, product development, customer validation, creating a great user experience, etc. – let us know at

Our goal is to give our participants an incredible learning experience and introduce them to new people, skills, and perspectives all while thinking about how we can meaningfully impact the education markets.

Our top picks to get your creative juices flowing and help you make the most of Startup Weekend (work in progress!):

1) The Lean Startup Model for Edtech Entrepreneurs: A video on applying the best lean startup practices to education technology

2) Education Entrepreneurs: A quick guide to edtech business models, recent investments in this market, and business canvases

3) How to Start a Startup: Currently an online course from Stanford, this class is designed to be a sort of one-class business course for people who want to start startups.Video lectures from top VCs and Founders cover topics from building a team to scaling and raising money

4) Your must read book list: Entrepreneurship is, fundamentally, about the quality of our learning. If you’re an aspiring education entrepreneur, this is a list of must-read titles curated by 4pt0 Schools that will broaden your perspective and deepen your understanding

5) Edtech Market Map: Flybridge Capital does a great job laying out the education landscape and providing examples of companies currently working in each subcategory. Knowing your competition is key!