Connecting The Dots At Techstars Startup Week Taiwan

By Lalitha Wemel, Regional Manager APAC + Matthieu Bodin, Regional Manager Greater China

Techstars Startup Week Taiwan, Powered by Taiwan Tech Arena and in partnership with the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology, was a five day startup community celebration, which brought together business leaders, funders, founders, and startup enthusiasts to celebrate Taiwan’s and Asia’s thriving innovation community. This week-long celebration hosted 55 events alongside 35 community partners, with 60 international and local speakers, across more than seven venues in the Taipei metropolitan area.

The tech startup ecosystem in Taiwan has grown dramatically in the past five years, with active participation and support from both the public and private sectors. Startup Week Taiwan was a great showcase of what can be jointly achieved when the Taiwan tech startup ecosystem comes together, bringing folks from every corner of the community including universities, startups, ecosystem builders, corporations, and investors.

As cliche as it sounds, our most significant takeaway from the first Techstars Startup Week Taiwan was the program’s ability to “connect the dots”—between people, programs, community and knowledge. Over and over, we heard people describing this as the highlight of the community celebration we had this past week.

Although he originally Intended to only attend one event early in the week, Jeremy Firster, like many other participants, ended up engaging in multiple full-day sessions for the remainder of the week. “I just kept finding new valuable insights on different problems that I’ve been having in my startup that Startup Week Taiwan was able to address and shed new perspectives on,” Firster said.

Echoing Jeremy’s sentiment about the quality of programs and people across the week, Taiwanese startup founder Henry Chang (Fufilo) discovered a whole new network of international and local people that brought new knowledge, perspectives, and networks to help take his his startup forward: “It’s like I’ve been living in a cave, and Startup Week Taiwan helped me see the light.”

Startup Week Taiwan, which took place December 3–7, 2018, offered free learning opportunities to business owners and startup enthusiasts of all kinds. The event is community-driven and offered attendees access to dozens of programs, influential keynote speakers, and funding opportunities. Businesses and entrepreneurs of every type and stage came together over five days to build momentum and opportunity and to activate Taiwan’s startup community further.

“Having a partner like Techstars allowed us to tap into a new resource of experience and talent to channel into Taiwan’s ecosystem. It helped us create a week of high-quality curriculum, content, and takeaways for partners and participants alike. We are looking forward to working with more partners together in the upcoming year to build a strong tech startup community here,” said Rich Fuh, Partnership Director of Taiwan Tech Arena.

From ‘learning how to leverage your LinkedIn network’ to ‘understanding how to get into a global accelerator program’ to ‘expanding your knowledge on different startup communities and topics’, Startup Week Taiwan 2018 aimed to truly showcase the diversity of people and knowledge that Taiwan’s growing startup community has to offer.

Techstars Startup Week Taiwan 2018 was made possible by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) of Taiwan and Taiwan Tech Arena and supported by many generous sponsors, community partners, speakers, and participants. Check out our round-up of the week:


If you are interested in being part of Techstars Startup Week Taiwan 2019, drop us a line at

Startup Weekend Taipei is back with greatest support from community and partners


Startup Weekend Taipei (Taiwan #11 Startup Weekend)
September 18th, 2015 @ Taiwan Startup Hub in Taipei, Taiwan

Hilight 特色

Startup Weekend Taipei will be held for the first time with joint effort among Taiwan central government, community and partner. Here is a list of the many FIRST Times:

  • First time in Taiwan using crowd funding to marketing and explore new sponsors and individual support (
  • First time hold in government sponsored location which is specifically designated to entrepreneurship – thew new launched Taiwan Startup Hub (launched on August 21, 2015)
  • First time inviting long time startup community across various cities in Taiwan  as mentor during the event
Startup Weekend 創業週末台北站將會是第一次結合 中央政府X社群X贊助商的能量,聯手一起在台灣舉辦第十一次的活動。 這次我們也將創造許多的第一次:

  • 第一次透過集資的方式來推廣活動及尋找贊助夥伴。(
  • 第一次能有榮幸和中央政府剛成立的Taiwan Startup Hub空間一起合作。(青創基地剛八月二十一日開幕)
  • 邀請長期在不同城市的新創社群來成為這次活動的導師。

Why crowd funding before official ticket sales? / 為何這次要在活動售票前,先推出集資呢?

Startup Weekend is an amazing event, and hope through crowd funding we will able to reach out to more potential individual and partner supporting financially in order to ensure financial sustainability for future growth in different cities across Taiwan.

Startup Weekend創業週末是一個超棒的活動。這次在台灣透過集資的方式,來嘗試尋找更多潛在的個人及夥伴在財務上面的支持,以便確保這個活動在台灣及不同的城市能持續的永續發展。

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Why coming to Taiwan No.11 Startup Weekend / 為何要來參加這次台灣第十一場的Startup Weekend呢?

  • 更有機會找到來支持您的點子的人包含 (共同創辦人 X 天使投資 X 政府資源)。
  • 首次在台灣的官方超有能量及剛成立的「青創基地」,無縫接軌台灣政府及社群資源。
  • 更多有創業過的夥伴,將來參加,加速整個新創的能量。
  • 首次將提供出國參訪為獎勵的機會。

How to create a successful Startup Weekend that contributes to development of Taiwan startup community? / 要如何成功的舉辦一場能互助台灣新創社群成長的Startup Weekend呢?


How would be participants and support will benefits from this one? / 這次參加者及長期支持Startup Weekend將會獲得哪些不一樣的哪?



  • 加速新創的發展: 因為這次將更密切的結合政府X社群X夥伴的資源,希望在活動中及之後的三到六個月的發展,新創的點子能因為有更多的資源及幫助,讓週末的團隊能有機會持續發展。
  • 連結台灣各地及亞洲: 這次邀請在台灣不同城市的新創社群夥伴,來擔任這次活動的Mentor,就是希望能在市場及商業模式驗證的過程,能第一時間提供目前在台灣不同地點是否有相同或接近的服務或合作夥伴,讓在週末將發展的服務或產品能更解決問題背後的痛點。

SWTaiwan#11 的團隊及支持者介紹 / 第十一屆的團隊及支持者介紹