Target the Low Hanging Fruit

This post originally appeared on #entrepreneurfail.

The most important step in a new business is finding the first customer. And then finding the next customer after that and the one after that…
Many new entrepreneurs blindly seek customers without understanding their own capabilities, the customer profile and where to find the customer. Finding a customer can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but with certain steps it can become easier.


Here are a few pointers: 

  • Understand what problem the product or services solve and define the value proposition.
  • Understand the target customer profile.
  • Identify where the customers are located and ensure sales and marketing material reach customers where they are.
  • Conduct research to gauge various customer segments.
  • Identify customer’s ability and willingness to pay.
  • Understand the sales cycle and develop a sales funnel.
Search for the low hanging fruit. Often, your customer is in front of your nose, but you don’t even notice.