Where Are They Now?

Since Techstars began in 2007, 500 startups have gone through our accelerator programs. These companies are changing the face of entrepreneurship and many have made a significant impact on the world. 80% of these companies are still active, and we have seen 53 acquisitions to date.

Our new video series, “Where Are They Now?”, highlights the post-program adventures of some of these companies. Want more video? Please subscribe to our YouTube channel!


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Techstars is for everyone

Thinking of applying to Techstars? Do it! You have nothing to lose. Being part of Techstars is not just a three month mentorship-driven accelerator program but a massive interconnected network — with over 3,000 founders, mentors, investors, and corporate partners – that you’re part of for life.

No matter what stage your company is in, we have a program to suit your needs. We now have 13 horizontal and vertical programs worldwide, including 5 vertical programs that we run in conjunction with corporate partners (R/GA for connected devices, Kaplan for EdTech, Disney for media and entertainment, Barclays for FinTech and Sprint for mobile health.)

Applications are currently open for Techstars in New York, our Cloud program in San Antonio, and for the Sprint Accelerator in Kansas City.  Apply today!

Here’s a video with highlights from some Techstars founders explaining why Techstars is so important to them.


FounderCon is our annual event for all Techstars companies with two full days of keynotes, breakout sessions, and tons of opportunity to network with almost 400 Techstars founders and alumni from across our 36 programs to date. We held FounderCon 2014 in the great city of Austin. It’s always fun to hear some of the amazing stories that have come out of FounderCon from founders, speakers, corporate partners and sponsors. If you have any stories about how FounderCon helped you realize the power of the Techstars network, please let us know. Make a game-changing connection? Find a new business opportunity? Hire a new employee?

Below is a short recap video showing off this wonderful event. Want to see the keynote speakers, watch here.

Thank you to all who attended and participated in FounderCon! If you
have thoughts on FounderCon 2015, please share. You can check out the buzz at #FounderCon.

FounderCon Keynote Videos

Just recently we had our annual FounderCon event in Austin, TX. FounderCon is our annual event for all Techstars companies past and present – with two full days of keynotes and breakout sessions. There were tons of opportunities to network with over 3,000 founders, alumni, mentors, investors, and corporate partners from across our 36 programs to date.

We filmed the amazing group of keynote speakers for your enjoyment.  Here are just a few, stay tuned for more later this week. Learn more faster!

Ellen Levy, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Connect

Steve Catigan, former VP of Linkedin

Fireside chat with Bob Metcalfe, co-inventor of Ethernet

Thank you to all who attended and contributed to making this event a special one!

Also special thanks to our FounderCon Sponsors: American AirlinesAustin City ChamberGoodDataLocalyticsMasterCardMercury FundPivotDeskSendGridSilicon Valley BankSoftLayer, and Uber.



Mentor Spotlights

It’s time to show off some more amazing mentors in the Techstars network.  Below are some super short videos with tips and recommendations from some of the most seasoned entrepreneurs from across the Techstars network.

Jason Mendelson, Managing Partner at Foundry Group

David Mandell, CEO & Founder at PivotDesk

Howard Diamond, CEO at MobileDay

Chris Moody, Data Strategy at Twitter

Kevin Menzie, CEO & Founder and Jeff Rodanski, Partner & Creative Director of Slice of Lime

Startup Stories – Sketchfab “Having International Offices

In 2013 Sketchfab, a platform to publish, share and embed interactive 3D models, joined Techstars. The founders moved from Paris to New York City within a month and since the beginning Sketchfab has grown massively fast.  They started with about 50 visits to their site a day and are now 50,000+ visits a day.

Below is a short video on how Sketchfab operates having international offices and an example of an interactive 3D image.

Volkswagen Beetle
by slavinek
on Sketchfab

Startup Stories – Plated “Getting a Physical Goods Business off the Ground”

The latest in our series on Startup Stories is about Plated! In this short video we hear from Nick Taranto and Josh Hix, the founders of Plated, on how they have successfully gotten a physical goods company off the ground.  Plated delivers fresh ingredients so that you can cook gourmet meals at home.  They joined Techstars in New York City in 2013 and have been growing super fast with about 45 employees at their HQ and another 100 across their fulfillment centers creating many jobs for people from low income communities.  I love hearing about Techstars companies making such a positive impact.

This is one of those classic, inspiring stories of two entrepreneurs who wanted to solve their own problem and built their company from the ground up.  What makes their story unique in the world of tech is Plated delivers fresh ingredients.  Naturally this creates a ton of obstacles that need to be figured out, and fast!

Try out Plated and see their menu!

Watch the video below to hear what Josh & Nick say about solving these obstacles.

Startup Office Space

We’ve visited a lot of startup office spaces and with Techstars companies reaching locations all over the globe, it’s been fun to see the unique and resourceful ways office space is being used.  You’re probably curious to get the real lowdown on what founders are doing to make their spaces more efficient, what perks they have, what they’re paying in rent… well, here it is.  The facts in one-minute videos!  Special thanks to ContentlyNext Big Sound and Simple Energy for letting us film in your offices.

Are you looking for office space?  PivotDesk, a Techstars company, is building a marketplace for office sharing.  While trying to build a great company, so much time is wasted on finding and leasing space. PivotDesk makes it possible to pair companies with office space in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

We hope you get some helpful tips from these videos and always love to hear what other startups are doing to best utilize their space.

Startup Stories – Nestio “Surround yourself with good people”

In this Startup Stories we were so happy to film Caren Maio, CEO of Nestio, NYC’s most accurate residential listings database.  Nestio went through Techstars in 2011 and was even filmed in Bloomberg’s television series, Techstars.  We hear a lot about how important the people are who make up a company.  The idea may change but it’s important to build a great team of people and continue to hire based on the company culture.  Nestio is a good example of this.  The idea evolved, the company grew, things got even better thanks to the people behind it.  David Cohen has said he would invest in Caren’s career because she is so talented, energetic, and an obvious leader.  Fred Wilson also said about Caren “She listens, she’s smart, she gets it quickly… you know you’re connecting…” when interviewed on Bloomberg.

Watch this video below to hear what Caren has to say about being surrounded with good people.

Idea Makers

At Techstars, we’re all about the people.  The network is made up of thousands of amazing founders, mentors, investors, and sponsors.  With so many experienced entrepreneurs in the network, we can learn a lot from each other. Below are just a few Techstars founders sharing a little wisdom in one-minute videos.  Watch more videos on Techstars founders here.

Idea Makers Trailer

Emily LaFave, Co-founder of Foodzie

Alex White, CEO and Co-founder of Next Big Sound

Dorian Ferlauto, CEO of Elihuu

Brad McNamara, FreightFarms