[VIDEO] Quotes for Entrepreneurs: Mark Solon

Every Wednesday we are sharing videos of people from across the Techstars network describing their favorite entrepreneurial-minded quotes. Today, Mark Solon, mentor and Managing Partner of Techstars, shares this quote by Steve Jobs.

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Happy Holidays!

It’s almost the end of another wonderful year and so we made this little video to hopefully make you smile.  Happy Holidays & Happy New Year, from all of us at Techstars!

Techstars Bad Lip Reading from Techstars on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for some startup entertainment during your vacation you can watch more of our videos here.

[VIDEO] Quotes for Entrepreneurs: Char Genevier

Every Wednesday (with the exception of the upcoming holidays), we are posting video clips of folks from across the Techstars network describing their favorite quotes. This quote was chosen by Charlotte Genevier, CEO and founder of The Cotery.

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[VIDEO] Startup Stories: Romotive Trailer

Startup Stories are a series of short documentaries about Techstars companies. We learn about the adventures, challenges and triumphs of building a startup. This is the story of Romotive, a team from our Seattle program building an educational robot.

Romotive is a group of nerds obsessed with building an affordable, fun robot named Romo. By combining smartphones with a mobile base, they create robots that do awesome things (telepresence, autonomous navigation, machine vision). Romo would make a great Christmas gift for the robot lover in your life. The full documentary will post on The Next Web early next year and you can check back here for the link. If you want to watch more videos in the meantime, subscribe to our YouTube channel and browse through Techstars.tv. We’re also sharing video clips on Instagram.

[VIDEO] Quotes for Entrepreneurs: Brad Feld

I’m a huge Battlestar Galactica fan and think Commander William Adama has amazing leadership lessons for any entrepreneur. If you don’t know what “rolling the hard six” is, it’s a classic example of a high risk / high reward scenario. Per Urban Dictionary:

“Rolling a hard six has a probability of about 3% whereas rolling six by any other combination has about a 14% chance. A hard six pays 7 to 1 whereas a regular six pays only 7 to 6″

I’m not a craps player, but I love the metaphor. As an entrepreneur, you often have to combine luck with the right call at the right time. You can make the right call and be unlucky, or you can make the wrong call and be lucky. But when you find yourself in a jam, you often need to make the right call AND be lucky.

My imitation of Adama is pretty lame however.

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[VIDEO] Startup Stories: Zagster

Startup Stories are a series of short documentaries on the adventurous journey of various Techstars companies. A lot happens in the history of a company and we believe it’s important to tell these stories for other entrepreneurs. This short documentary is about Zagster, a bike sharing service for properties all over the country. Founded in Philadelphia in 2007 as CityRyde and now headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Zagster is one of the nation’s first bike sharing companies. The team is uniquely focused on contracting with property managers, hotels, businesses, and universities across North America to make bike sharing programs available to tenants, employees, guests, and students. Their highly efficient and unique model allows Zagster to offer services in areas that traditional city-wide bike sharing systems can’t reach.

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[VIDEO] Quotes for Entrepreneurs: Emily LaFave

Happy hump day!  We thought it would be fun to share quotes we love every Wednesday. A good quote can be inspiring and impactful. Sometimes they simply remind us of what we’re already thinking, or perhaps they just make us laugh. We have asked founders, mentors and others within the Techstars network to pick some of their favorite quotes relating to entrepreneurship and explain what it means to them.

This quote was chosen by Emily LaFave. Emily founded and sold one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Food Companies, Foodzie, where she discovered the best products from small food crafters. As a passionate food enthusiast, she’s spent 10 years in the business trying her hand at everything from producing food videos, to culinary school to working with artisanal food makers. Emily has been named Inc Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs and Food and Wine Magazine’s 40 Big Food Thinkers Under 40.

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[VIDEO] Startup Stories: Zagster Trailer

It’s that time again…for a new Startup Stories documentary.

Startup Stories are a series of short documentaries focusing on the struggles, adventures and lessons of Techstars portfolio companies. Today’s video is about Zagster, one of the nation’s first bike sharing companies. Zagster is uniquely focused on contracting with property managers, hotels, businesses, and universities across North America to make bike sharing programs available to tenants, employees, guests, and students. Below is the trailer and the full length video will be released this Wednesday December 4th on The Next Web. Check back here for the link! If you want to watch more videos in the meantime, subscribe to our YouTube channel and browse through Techstars.tv.

[VIDEO] Celebrating Seven Years

Today is a special day. On November 14th, seven years ago, Techstars became official. The founders, David Cohen, Brad Feld, David Brown, and Jared Polis set out to help entrepreneurs with their mentorship-driven accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. It’s mind boggling to see its growth and impact across the world since the beginning. As of today, we have 300+ active companies, 27 acquired companies, 1200+ mentors, funding is $400M+ and our portfolio companies have created more than 2,000 jobs. See more here.

So the tradition continues with our mission to help entrepreneurs and create a powerful network of passionate doers. We could not have done it without the communities in each city, mentors and investors. Thank you! In honor of these seven amazing years, I propose today we all take the time to do something nice for another entrepreneur, big or small, it doesn’t matter… and why stop today?

Happy Birthday, Techstars! Time to blow out another candle and make a wish.

[VIDEO] Startup Stories: Everlater

In our third installment of Startup Stories on Techstars TV, we follow Everlater founders Nate Abbott and Natty Zola on their journey after the 2008 Techstars program in Boulder, during which they were also filmed for the first season of The Founders. See how their ingenuity helped their startup to not only survive but to have one of the happiest endings of all. Huge thanks to The Next Web for premiering these!