[VIDEO] The Power of the Network: Occipital

Occipital makes the Structure Sensor, a beautiful and developer-friendly 3D sensor accessory for iPad. Venture-funded and backed by Techstars in 2008, Occipital is also known for developing Skanect and 360 Panorama, groundbreaking applications that made it easy to capture 3D models and panoramas, respectively.

Videographer Megan Sweeney checks in with the founders, Vikas Reddy and Jeff Powers, and illustrates how the power of belonging to the Techstars network, even five years post-program, has greatly benefitted both the team and its products. Check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

[VIDEO] Startup Stories: Everlater Trailer

This is the trailer for the third episode of Startup Stories. We think startup stories are fascinating and contain tons of learning lessons that can hopefully help other entrepreneurs. This video is about the story of Everlater.

Coincidentally the founders, Nate Abbott and Natty Zola, were documented during Techstars back in 2009. You can watch what their experience was like in this web series The Founders. Check back next week for the full documentary!

[VIDEO] FounderCon 2013

One of the challenges we face as Techstars continues to grow is maintaining an intimate network of relationships and fostering connections between our alums, mentors, sponsors, and investors. To be sure that we’re making the most of all opportunities, the Techstars alumni and staff come together at #FounderCon every year. Two weeks ago we had 300+ alumni founders in Chicago for our gathering, our biggest and best yet. We’re already heads down working on the agenda for next year.

#FounderCon 2013’s theme? Scaling Up. It was an incredible three days packed with networking, two tracks of lectures to attend in different rooms (business and technical), business development introductions to major brands like Bing, LG Electronics, Barclays, Motorola, Target, and more.  Special guests included Jason Calacanis, Jason Fried, Tim Sanders, David Grove, Jamie Cooper, and many others . We announced a partnership with CareerBuilder for a new talent network to help our portfolio companies hire faster.

Here’s a sneak peek at what went down in the Windy City. A huge thanks to Megan Sweeney, our talented videographer, for making sure we gathered all the evidence.

[VIDEO] Startup Stories Trailer

Startup Stories are short documentaries about the amazing journeys Techstars companies go through. These are stories exploring the key moments, struggles and passions in building a company. We think startup stories are fascinating and contain valuable lessons. We want to help share these stories following the adventures entrepreneurs go through on their mission to build a startup.

Stay tuned because we have some interesting Startup Stories coming soon.

[VIDEO] Idea Makers Trailer

Hi, everyone!  If you didn’t know this, we’re making super quick videos featuring Techstars entrepreneurs.  We’re basically giving you a great excuse to take a 60 second break.

Idea Makers are one minute profile videos about Techstars founders. These are all people who have a passion to solve a problem, build something magical and share it with the world. We all have something we can learn from each other. In this trailer we meet Carly Gloge, Todd Silverstein, Eli Rubel, Cammy Houser, Erika Trautman, Brad McNamara, and Timothy Ericson.

Take a one minute break and check it out!  We ❤ entrepreneurs!

Want to watch more?  That’s a good idea.
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Animation by Rachel Ryle!

[VIDEO] Idea Makers: Cammy Houser of Given Goods Company

As co-founder and co-CEO of Given Goods Company, Cameron Houser oversees marketing, brand strategy, sales, partner relations and customer delight for Given Goods Company. Prior to Given Goods, Cammy spent time as a brand strategy consultant for the Parthenon Group in Boston, MA and for Sterling-Rice Group in Boulder, CO. A lover of design, edited fashion, and all kind-hearted endeavors, Cammy built Given Goods so she could be its first and number-one customer. Cammy holds a double AB in Government and Geography, Cum Laude, from Dartmouth College.


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[VIDEO] Idea Makers: Timothy Ericson of Zagster

Timothy Ericson, founder and CEO of Zagster, is all about getting more people on bikes. When you make bikes easy for people to access, own and maintain, people want to ride.

[VIDEO] Idea Makers: Erika Trautman of Rapt Media

Erika Trautman is passionate about the evolution of online storytelling. With successful careers as a writer, producer, editor, and director, she deeply understands the importance of story in any communication. She started Rapt Media (formerly FlixMaster) and in under two years has grown a business that is positioned at the top of emerging video technologies.


[VIDEO] Idea Makers: Todd Silverstein of Vizify

Todd Silverstein is co-founder and CEO of Vizify, which allows you to create your own personal website powered by your social data. He has a lot of surprises and wisdom to share with other entrepreneurs. Check out his Vizify bio here and then make your own.

[VIDEO] Idea Makers: Carly Gloge of Ubooly

Carly Gloge, co-founder and CEO of Ubooly, talks about some of the lessons she’s learned as an entrepreneur. Mainly, trust yourself.