Announcing the Launch of Techstars Tel Aviv – Applications Now Open!

I am excited to announce the Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator!  I’ve been a Managing Director at Techstars for nearly two years now, and have witnessed the amazing magic of the Techstars global network around the world. This unique worldwide network includes corporate partners, investors and mentors that can support a young company at every step of their entrepreneurial journey and leads to exceptional success stories.  This is why I am so excited about the launch of our new Techstars Tel Aviv program!

Applications are now open for our 2020 Tel Aviv City accelerator program and we’re searching for exceptional entrepreneurs who have exciting and scalable ideas and want to build great companies. 

Why Techstars? 

Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Today nearly 2,000 startups have raised over $8 Billion in funding, boast a collective market cap of $23 Billion, and have accelerated their businesses through a Techstars accelerators over the past 12 years.

Why Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is located at the heart of the Israeli Startup Nation, an innovation ecosystem with currently more than 6,000 startups. Tel Aviv’s unique environment creates a platform for startups to flourish and thrive and is attracting founders from all over the world coming to build their companies amidst a sea of top talent, a supportive community and a great place to live. Furthermore, multinationals and investors from all over the world are traveling to Tel Aviv to learn from its innovation ecosystem, partner with talented founders and invest here. 

About The Team 

Throughout my entrepreneurial life I have founded three companies (one listed on TASE), raised millions of dollars, succeeded and failed, built teams from the ground up, learned the ins and outs of business models, management, and the best part – learned to enjoy the ride. It’s my life’s mission to help entrepreneurs succeed.

I’m an investor, a mentor and a board advisor in several startups. I am embedded in the Israeli startup arena and very active in supporting women entrepreneurs. Part of my dedication to women entrepreneurs includes my role as founder of Yazamiyot, Israel’s largest community for women entrepreneurs with over 4,500 members and a Campus for Moms in Collaboration with Google, an international innovation program for moms on maternity leave.

In this new journey leading Techstars Tel Aviv I will be working alongside Program Manager Franka Godina. Franka is an experienced program manager with vast international experience in business with a wide network. 

In 2020 we will support our class of founders to help them accelerate their companies, tap into the industry and receive mentorship and insight from the global Techstars network.

What I’m Looking Forward to Most

Discovering the most innovative ideas in this ecosystem.

I’m excited to discover the greatest ideas in Israel and beyond. Many world-changing ideas and successful companies have stemmed from Israel. How did we ever get anywhere before Waze? How did teams organize projects before How did we protect our driving before Mobileye? Did you know that the first instant messenger originated here (ICQ)? I’m thrilled to bring Techstars Tel Aviv to Israel and turn ideas into successful companies.

Building Great Teams 

At Techstars we strongly believe that entrepreneurs are the primary drivers in creating a better future. I’m a strong believer in people, and am looking forward to working with founders, mentors and investors to form strong companies and even stronger teams.

Sharing my experience and helping Entrepreneurs

I am excited to share my path in fundraising and company formation. These include so many things (big and small) – from taking the right legal steps, to negotiating with customers and determining pricing, to building a cap-table, to raising a round from high quality investors. It’s incredibly important that entrepreneurs surround themselves with mentors who have experienced all those milestones and can accompany them on their journey to forming a successful company.  

Share the power of the network

Being in Israel can sometimes feel somewhat remote. The most exceptional part of Techstars Tel Aviv will be helping founders tap into the incredible international network of mentors, investors and alumni. With nearly 50 accelerators in the world and thousands of corporate partners, mentors and investors around the world, opportunities are huge!

What should you expect ? 

Carefully selected founders will spend three months working with other founders, mentors, corporate partners, and investors to drive their companies towards rapid growth and success in a beautiful setting in Tel Aviv.

Who are we looking for ? 

For the inaugural class of our Techstars Tel Aviv we’re interested in technology-first companies with outstanding teams that aim to solve the problems of our future. 

Applications close December 8th and the program will commence on March 29th culminating in a demo day event on June 25th.

Think your startup is a good fit? Apply now or connect with us and sign up for our virtual office hours and AMA session.

Techstars Opens Techstars Tel Aviv for 2020

BOULDER, Colo. – October 7, 2019 – Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, today announced the launch of Techstars Tel Aviv, an Israel-based accelerator program. The new 13-week accelerator will provide hands-on mentorship and guidance as well as access to the Techstars worldwide network to support founders and entrepreneurs interested in growing their businesses in the city of Tel Aviv.

Techstars Tel Aviv will be led by three-time entrepreneur and experienced Techstars Managing Director Hilla Ovil-Brenner, with support from Program Manager Franka Godina. The program will run March – June 2020, culminating in a demo day the week of June 22th, 2020. The program is open to all startups interested in accelerating their businesses in Tel Aviv.

“Through my experience as a Techstars managing director over the past two years, I’ve witnessed the amazing magic of the Techstars’ worldwide network of corporate partners, investors and mentors,” said Ovil-Brenner. “It’s inspiring to see so many people come together to support young companies at every step of their entrepreneurial journey. The launch of Techstars Tel Aviv will further support entrepreneurship in the heart of the Israeli Startup Nation, which will lead to more exceptional founder success stories out of Israel.”

Applications for the program are now open and will be accepted through December 8, 2019. Startups interested in learning more about the program are encouraged to contact Techstars or visit to learn more.

About Techstars

Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Techstars founders connect with other entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, alumni, investors, community leaders, and corporations to grow their companies. Techstars operates three divisions: Techstars Startup Programs, Techstars mentorship-driven Accelerator Programs, and Techstars Corporate Innovation Partnerships. Techstars accelerator portfolio includes more than 1,900 companies with a market cap of $23 Billion.

Demo Day: Techstars Barclays Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv)