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Techstars Venture Capital Fund Invests in Impact Health Series A Round

Techstars Venture Capital Fund invests in innovative and disruptive Techstars companies to fuel their success. We are excited to announce that, along with Foundry Group, we are investing in Impact Health’s $13 million Series A round.

Founder and CEO Christine Carrillo, along with her cofounder Helen Lee, have built an impressive team at Impact Health (Techstars Class 62, led by Alex Iskold in NYC) centered around the mission that no matter your background, what your politics are, or where you’re from that you deserve health and healthcare that serves you. Despite the incredibly divisive times we live in, they believe that people can come together to fix our healthcare system and solve the very real health needs. Our investment in Impact Health aligns with Techstars’ history of investing in healthcare technology.

After receiving feedback from over 100,000 consumers about their experiences buying and using health insurance, Impact Health has used those insights to make the process simple and transparent. Impact Health has built a sophisticated online platform to take the confusion out of buying and using health insurance.

The service is resonating – Impact Health has grown its subscriber base by over 20x in the last year. Driven by an obsessive customer focus and strong data background, Impact Health has provided tens of thousands of individuals with a seamless way to find the best health plan that suits both their needs and their budget.

We are thrilled to be investors and backers of this important mission and are eager to support Christine and Helen in shaping the future of health insurance!

Chowbotics: People Gotta Eat

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our Series A investment in Chowbotics (Austin ‘16), previously Casabots, an amazing company that builds robots that prepare food. You can check out the progress on the first product, Sally the salad making robot below. Go ahead, we’ll wait here.

Whenever we make a major investment, we often fit it into our “people gotta” framework. It’s our little way of ensuring that we’re thinking about investing in big market opportunities. For example, with SendGrid we believe “people gotta email” and with Uber we believe “people gotta get around.” Chowbotics was super obvious for us – “people gotta eat!”

We’ve known Deepak and the team at Chowbotics since they participated in Startup Next and later in Techstars Austin. After the accelerator program, we participated in the seed round. It has been incredible to watch what the team has accomplished with a modest amount of capital. Building robots is hard, but Chowbotics has made consistent progress.

When we recently visited their office, Sally made us salads for lunch.

It was easy for us to see how robots like Sally would be preparing our food in the future.

The automation and speed Sally provides means improved health and sanitation in food preparation, and consumers can have total control over their calories, ingredients and portions.

Today, we’re investing in their $5M Series A round with our friends at Foundry Group. I’m even more excited to be joining the board of the company alongside Jason Mendelson.

Bring on the future of food. Yum!

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Funding and M&A Activity Across the Techstars Ecosystem

The past three months have seen some exciting funding news for Techstars companies! Congratulations to:

Also, a big shout out to the Techstars Ventures-backed Twilio on its IPO in June!

Here are the companies that have recently received investments!  



Remitly (Seattle ‘11), a mobile payments service that enables consumers to make person-to-person international money transfers from the U.S. and Canada, secured $38.5M in Series C funding last April.


Cloudability (Cloud ‘12), a data-driven cloud cost management firm, raised $24M in a Series B funding round earlier this month to continue to scale.


Outreach (Seattle ‘11), recently raised $17.5M in Series B to expand their engineering team. Outreach builds robust communication software for Sales Development Reps, Account Executives and Success Managers.


Bench (NYC ‘12), a modern, online bookkeeping service for independent businesses, announced a $16M ($20M CDN) Series B round that will go toward product enhancements.


Keen.io (Cloud ‘12), is a custom analytics backend for modern developers. Keen.io secured $14.7M in Series B financing to accelerate their global growth in the enterprise.


Lystable (London ‘14), recently closed an $11M Series A round. Lystable is the platform for the lean enterprise, helping large organizations manage their suppliers and external resources.


Ionic (Cloud ‘13), is a powerful open source UI library and toolchain built with open web technologies that enables web developers to build high quality mobile apps on multiple platforms with one single code base. Ionic announced an $8.5M Series A funding round in late April.


Testlio (Austin ‘13), a full-service mobile app testing solution, received $6.25M in Series A funding in mid April to continue to grow and evolve as a company.


Convey (Austin ‘14), is the first concierge solution focused exclusively on customer delivery. Convey recently announced that they raised $4.5M in Series A funding to invest in their engineering work.


Notion (Boulder ‘14), raised $3.2M in additional funding early this month. Notion is a wireless home monitoring system that can detect things like when doors open, your home’s temperature and even if there is a water leak.


Homemade (NYC ‘15), raised $2.1M in seed funding in early April. Homemade is a platform for cooks to share their meals and story with the community.


Netra (Boston ‘15), raised $1.85M in early June. Netra is focused on helping enterprises regain control over the chaos of imagery to better understand consumers’ intent and preference – and help them find exactly what they’re looking for.


ilos (Cloud ‘16), the company that allows businesses to communicate with customers and team members by instantly recording and sharing videos, raised $1.5M in its first formal round of financing.


Preply (Berlin ‘15), is an online platform for finding private tutors in your city or by skype for a variety of subjects. They recently announced a $1.3M seed round in early June.


Flip (NYC ‘15), recently raised $1.2M in seed funding. Flip simplifies the experience of renting housing by turning leases into liquid assets that people can buy and sell from one another.


El impacto social de las aceleradoras

Las aceleradoras o incubadoras de startups se están volviendo cada vez más populares en todo el mundo. Existe una variedad inmensa de aceleradoras que ofrecen diferentes servicios o propuestas de valor para cada emprendedor. Estos servicios pueden incluir desde la renta de espacios físicos, coaching, networking, hasta inversiones de capital.

Quisiera contarles un poco acerca de tres aceleradoras interesantes que conocí viviendo en San Francisco y que están cambiando la manera de utilizar la tecnología.

1. Matter.

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Matter se dedica exclusivamente a startups que están innovando en la forma de transmitir las noticias y están cambiando el periodismo como lo conocemos. La misma acompaña a las startups durante cuatro meses, facilitando el lugar de trabajo, una inversión de 50.000 dólares y el coaching necesario para poder lanzar el producto al terminar el programa.

El objetivo principal de Matter es construir una sociedad más conectada y mejor informada, empoderando de esta manera a todos los ciudadanos.



Tiene la misión de ayudar a emprendedores sociales a solucionar problemas de su ciudad a través de la tecnología y mejorar así la calidad de vida de los habitantes. Las startups que son aceptadas en TUMML tienen un enorme potencial de lograr un gran impacto en sus comunidades. Ideas que ayudan a mejorar el sistema de transporte o a implementar un sistema de reciclaje en las ciudades son solo unos ejemplos de startups que trabajan en la búsqueda de soluciones a problemas urbanos.

3. Cleantech Open

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Esta aceleradora se encarga de encontrar e invertir en Cleantech startups, las cuales se identifican por querer solucionar los más urgentes problemas relacionados con el medio ambiente, ya sea generación, distribución y almacenamiento de energía limpia, agricultura, agua, construcciones verdes, transporte, entre otros.

Nadie más duda del poder de la tecnología para resolver problemas sociales y es por eso que el trabajo de este tipo de aceleradoras es de vital importancia para generar una mayor cantidad de iniciativas que puedan producir un cambio positivo en el mundo.

¿Y en tu ciudad, cuáles son las aceleradoras o startups que están ayudando a mejorar el planeta?