Your Weekly Roundup: 10/28 – 11/1

Innovation Story of the Week:

Easy Taxi Lands $7M From iMENA To Expand In The Middle East.


Rocket Internet and iMENA Holding have announced that they will partner together to launch mobile app Easy Taxi in the Middle East and North Africa.  $7 million represents the largest funding so far for a mobile app business in the region. In July, Easy Taxi received $10 million from Africa Internet Holding (AIH), a joint venture between Rocket Internet and AIH’s 35% owner Millicom, a telecoms operator. The two investors had previously invested $15 million in Easy Taxi in June in order to expand Easy Taxi in Latin America.”

Below is everything you’ve missed this week in the UP community: 

President Obama taps UP Global to support new entrepreneurs globally

“The government may be shut down. But you can’t extinguish the entrepreneurial fire that easy. In video remarks at the 4th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia today, President Barack Obama stressed the importance of entrepreneurship and he singled out Seattle non-profit UP Global (best known for its Startup Weekend events) to help carry the flame forward.”

Egyptian SW Team Eventtus (2011) Goes Premium with Vodafone Investment

“After meeting at Startup Weekend Cairo in 2011, the founders of event organizing platform Eventtus launched their startup in late 2011, quickly enabling event listings around the globe. Now they have just secured their first round of funding at EGP 1.2 million (US $174,145) from Vodafone Ventures Egypt and Cairo Angels, which they hope to use to begin formal marketing, launch a new monetization strategy, and expand their reach across the region and the globe.”

UP Global’s Marc Nager: ‘There’s no one way to build a company’

As the CEO of UP Global, Nager coordinates Startup Weekend and a number of other non-profit projects all designed to make entrepreneurship possible by connecting people and technologies, and helping innovation happen. In this episode of Nextcast, Nager tells his secret for maintaining a work-life balance, and shares his best tips for making it as a successful entrepreneur.

The AWS Report – Marc Nager Talks About Startup Weekend

I spoke with Marc Nager to learn more about Startup Weekend and how they answer the question, “where do you go when you have a great idea” He was me through the 54 hours of the weekend (which starts on Wednesday in some countries culminating in the stimulated investor pitch, and tells me about his new project, StartupDigest.

The Future of School, One Piece at a Time: Startup Weekend EDU and 4.0 Schools

“The iterative, fast-paced nature of what 4.0 and Startup Weekend are doing reframes the debate about how to make school better. Instead of huge, risky bets rooted more in politics and theory, our approach is to get as many curious people as we can iterating their way forward – together. Step by step. Around and around the loop – build it, share it, get feedback, tweak it or throw it out and go again. This is a radical shift in mindset, one that reflects the way kids will need to engage with the world, and one that educators everywhere need to embrace, too.”

Your Weekly Roundup: Oct 21-25

Innovation Story Of The Week: 

Sphere teamed up with Kickstarter–backed Motrr, to deliver a tailored spherical recording technology that controls Motrr’s robotic iPhone dock (called “Galileo“). For property managers, the process is as easy as tapping “Start” and walking away. Suddenly, anyone can produce beautiful, HDR virtual tours — and have them published online — in three minutes. Read more here!


Community Leader Of The Week:

Zineb Rharrasse is a Startup Weekend Organizer from Morocco. Rharrasse is the Lead Organizer for Startup Weekend Casablanca, but she also helps organize events in Rabat and worked on an agriculture-focused SW event in Agadir.

We love her because of her dedication to the community and her global impact:

  • She is currently on location in the Bay area, running the TECHWOMEN program for female leaders – the program actively connects female leaders in the Silicon Valley with their counterparts from the Middle East to bridge international gaps and collaborate.
  • Is one of the lead local volunteers and organizers for TEDx in her region, and specifically TEDx Women
  • Involved with the Mix n’ Mentor program, which aims to connect aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs with industry leaders and mentors
  • She’s an advocate and promoter for a local coworking space called New Work Lab


Here is everything you missed this week in the UP Community: 

The top startup community leaders from North America came together for the first UP America Summit in Iowa City/Cedar Rapids, Iowa on October 22nd through October 24th, 2013. Check out all the action here.

“All of us want our children to have solid character. Even more than IQ, positive character traits are proven to be better predictors of academic success and life achievement . Yet there’s no comprehensive set of character values books available for early learners. We’d like to change that…with Goo Guys & Gals Graphic Readers.

The most powerful tool you’ll ever use is storytelling. That’s it. Done. You don’t need to read on… If you’re still reading, you probably agree and appreciate validation or you disagree and want to find flaws in my reasoning. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of both.”

“Hi entrepreneurship lovers´! My name is André, I´m a young Portuguese entrepreneur and I would like to present you my latest project! — An Entrepreneurship Tour To Inspire The World!

“To combat meeting fatigue and keep meetings as short and productive as possible, here are a few tips that have helped get meetings on track. ”

CEO of UP Global, Marc Nager, spoke about the entrepreneurial journey at Google’s Trailblazer event on Tuesday.