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The second delivery of the Techstars Brazil Summit took place during July of 2016 in São Paulo.

Tony Celestino, Regional Director and Andre Hotta, Regional Manager of Techstars Regional Office in Brazil.
Tony Celestino, Regional Director and Andre Hotta, Regional Manager of Techstars Regional Office in Brazil welcome the attendees.

The event, with 117 people from 38 cities and 19 states participating, included:

Techstars Brazil Summit held a number of activities & was focused on the connections between communities, best practices and training for both organizers and facilitators, as well as discussion panels of Investments in Brazil and communities.

This year the Summit had 2 special guests: David Brown (Co-founder and Managing Partner of Techstars) and Cody Simms (Head of Techstars Accelerator and Startup programs in North and South America). We ran an AMA (ask me anything) session with them and the Community Leaders. It was a great opportunity to connect to the Brazilian ecosystem.

One of the high peaks of the Summit was the presentation about the impact that Startup Weekend Women had last year in Brazil, what our community leaders are doing and how they could improve in the diversity inclusion to empower women. 

It was important to us to share the entrepreneur journey with the attendees and give them the opportunity to connect to founders that started their startups in a Startup Weekend event. We wanted them to see what their journey had been like. It was great to show to the Community Leaders the steps that each entrepreneur had to take to become successful. Tallis Gomes (Easy Taxi), Claudio Castro (One Cloud) and Luiz Gomes (Lotebox), were founders that built their startups at a Startup Weekend program in Brazil. They got the opportunity to share their journey, discuss challenges and how the community can support new startups in their early days.

Thanks to everyone involved in this great event. If you’re interested in learning even more about the event, check out the Techstars Brazil Summit infographic!


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