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When Jason Vianna, Christian DeHoyos, and Justin Kasad started working at a Bay Area Startup Weekend in May, they wanted to solve a problem familiar to all college students: the painfully high price of textbooks.  With textbook prices in the triple digits–and cost of a hefty reading list leading the charge every semester–they knew that their wallets weren’t the only ones taking a hit.

The team compares the high cost of textbooks to “an admission ticket that some students cannot afford to pay.”  When students can’t “get in” to access information, they could end up failing a class or receiving a poor grade.

1 Night Me solves this problem through their system of one night textbook micro-loans.  Students can rent their classmates’ textbooks for a night, which lets them complete assignments at a reasonable price and lets the textbook owner recoup some of their costs.

The group has gotten great validation: 1 Night Me had over 1200 hits on their website by the end of the Bay Area event, had 200 beta testers sign up, and was written up in several online and print publications.

For more information on 1 Night Me, visit their website: http://www.1night.me/