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What happened? Some amazing things happened! We had 10 events in two countries as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, and EVERY single event was a huge success! We were one of 11 “Featured Events” out of the over 25,000 events last week! There were over 650 Entrepreneurs, 70+ startup projects born, and tons of media created!

Just some quick ones:

Thousands of impressions Twitter

TechCrunch Europe summary of the London event

News Coverage in Boise, IdahoNPR

News Coverage in Cleveland

News Coverage in Dallas

Press Coverage in Tulsa

Press Coverage in Lexington

There is more coming… We just need a little more time to get everything together!

Find all the city pages here:

November 13-15:
· Atlanta · Boise · Tulsa
November 20-22:
· Bay Area · Dallas · Cleveland · Lexington · London · NYC · LA