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Startup Weekend is a continuously changing event so it remains an impactful and valuable event for the city. A great community was formed over the last nine events. Students became entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs became students again. After all, we are here to make you think twice, challenge you, feed you with knowledge, and create an environment where you feel save to be who you are, make mistakes and launch a startup.

So why not have a launch party like every other year? Because we think we can do better. We wanted to have a valuable impact by organising multiple events that allow people to gain applicable knowledge and become familiar with what the startup eco-system of Groningen has to offer. Inspiring speakers and community leaders prepared workshops for you at several venues throughout Groningen. The selected venues play a vital role in the startup eco-system by facilitating entrepreneurship. So make sure you get to know them and their community.

During the workshops you will actively participate, learn, discuss and gain experience that you can apply while starting or running a startup. The whole month of November is full of events that will spark the entrepreneur in you. On 17/18/19th of november the 10th edition of Startup Weekend Groningen will take place. We kindly invite you to join the workshops and bring the acquired knowledge into practice during Startup Weekend Groningen. There are only 30 tickets available per workshop so make sure you make your reservation as soon as possible.

30 Okt – Small Budget, big impact
Speaker: Henk Jacobs
Subject: Low marketing budget, high impact
Location: Launch Cafe
Ticket price: Free

31 Okt – Reframing problems
Speaker: Auke Schotanus
Subject: Design thinking – Reframing a problem
Location: The Rock Office Spaces
Ticket price: Free

2 Nov – Business model canvas
Speaker: Jos van Essen
Subject: Applying the business model canvas
Location: Boterdiep Drie&Zestig
Ticket Price: Free

3 Nov – Identify customer needs
Speaker: Lotte Medema
Subject: Methodologies to identifying customer needs
Location: The Big Building
Ticket Available: 30
Ticket Price: Free

Don’t forget to sign up! Only 30 spots for every event. Without registration and a ticket you can’t get in.

Startup Weekend is all about learning new skills, meeting new people, build great products and launch startups.

In the last 9 editions Startup Weekend Groningen had more than 575 participants, pitching over 200 ideas, of which 65 were able to form a group that validated their ideas, created a business case and had a lot of fun throughout the weekend.

Do you have the next idea for the new Instagram, coffee machine or Github? Or do you want to develop new skills, meet new people and have a great time? You should definitely join the Startup Weekend Community.

Buy your ticket:
Startup Weekend Groningen
17-19 Nov – Startup Weekend Groningen
Location: Het Kwadraat
Tickets: Developers, makers, creators, designers, business experts, marketeers and anyone else interested in entrepreneurship.
Ticket Price: 85 euro
More info: swgro.nl

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