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As if one event isn’t fun enough, Startup Weekend will not just be doubling the energy, it’ll make it fivefold: Startup Weekend Canada will happen simultaneously in 5 cities! How about that for pure SW adrenaline across the country?

In its effort to make the Startup Weekend a nationwide event, Canada will be anticipating September 24-26 as the weekend to make it all happen. The 5 cities that will be participating in the event are Edmonton, Montreal, New Brunswick, Toronto, and Vancouver. The event will be about a week from now, so make sure you make time to go to any of the cities and witness the startup scene explode in a 54-hour idea marathon.

And if you happen to be near New Brunswick, or you actually live there, you’re in luck because registration for Startup Weekend New Brunswick is officially open. The venue will be at Prince William, the modernly, spacious building right in the middle of the city. Participants will have access to high-speed WiFi and top coffee shops and restaurants for a much-needed break. And for those of us who are out-of-towners, Prince William is also a few minutes away from the Delta Hotel.

So registers ASAP, and bring your friends with you to the much-anticipated Startup Weekend Canada. See you!