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5 Reasons to Take Part in SW as a Developer by alumnus Petr Holík

Proven Concept

Describing Hackathon in one sentence?

A weekend spent in front of a screen, full of coding, where boredom is plentiful, where one goes from frontend to backend, from coffee to Red Bull.

Does this apply to Startup Weekend?

No. The main goal of SW is to come up with the best possible concept of a product, validate it and maybe create a basic prototype. Whatever the outcome – a poster, a presentation, a mock-up or a fully functioning app – the most important part is the process, the verification of the design, business and technical aspects of the given product.


You can create and develop home alone, in a café with friends or with colleagues at work. Would it not be much better though if you could get immediate feedback from a creative design student, an experienced businessman or an overly critical investor?

It is not surprising that such an environment, where people of all ages and from different educational and cultural backgrounds interact, the most creative ideas emerge because of these synergies. You will have the unique opportunity to think about your ideas from new perspectives thanks to meeting and discussing with your team, mentors and judges.   

A New Perspective

Us IT specialists are often considered weirdos living in their bizarre world of ones and zeros. And if we are honest, it is often the case. These days though, being only good at coding is not the recipe for success. Developing is a complex combination of skills with programming being only a necessary requirement. SW is the perfect opportunity to step out of that bizarre world thanks to cooperating with various people that you would not have the possibility to meet otherwise. Stepping up your game is, therefore, a positive side effect that will make you a better person and a better developer.

Test your idea

If you bring your own idea to SW get ready for criticism, seeking compromise and struggling to push through your point of view. No one will play nice with you and it will not always be easy. But nothing is more important than constructive criticism, and you will be able to capitalize on this experience.

SW Is Just the Beginning

I brought an idea for a perfect start-up to SW. At the end of the weekend, I was able, together with my friend and 5 other fantastic people, to come up with a project that had little to do with the original design. And this process is exactly what SW is all about.

Three members of our team still work together on new projects, making use of the perspective and experience gained on our journey.

Do you want to be part of the next startupweekend?

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