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What makes someone an entrepreneur? Do they carry a special token which differentiates them from others? Or is it the way they think? Well entrepreneurs are individuals who create something new and unique, an initiative, a business or a company. Moreover in order to become an entrepreneur one must think like one. A little bit of their knowledge can give you an advantage in your professional life.

  1. Entrepreneurs are experts at gambling. The main feature that makes entrepreneurs different from the average professionals is their rich appetite for risk. Entrepreneurs learn to weigh and assess risk and become comfortable with the idea that they must invest time and resources in new ideas. An entrepreneur should not be affected by the losses made from an unsuccessful startup. Instead they gain an unforgettable learning experience which enhances their skills and sets there base in becoming successful entrepreneurs.
  2.  Entrepreneurs tend to show signs of deep passion for their work. Mark Zuckerburg has said, “If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.” This is a major tool which helps in achieving success in field. If you think how your life would be if you chose a different field, try to think how you can change your life with your field. Try to look for signs to make your field better. Could you translate your position to another industry? If you’re not passionate about your work try not to feel stuck. Instead try to think how you can make the best use of your skills.
  3. In order to survive business must come up with innovative ideas, so entrepreneurs have to use their time to come up with new ideas by constantly brainstorming. Lacking this ability makes one unable to become an entrepreneur. Steve Jobs had quoted that “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. In order to brainstorm, try to schedule sometime in a week to come up with ideas. Eventually you will come up with an idea which differentiates you from others.
  4. Have you ever found yourself stuck waiting for responses in order to proceed forward? Entrepreneurs don’t and should not have a high tolerance for inefficiency. Making inefficient decisions makes entrepreneurs fail to realize their full potential. In order to overcome inefficiencies in organizations, entrepreneurs come up with ideas and try to implement them. Due to their continuous attempts they are able to minimize inefficiencies or in some cases they are able to eliminate it completely.
  5. The most important attribute of entrepreneur’s is their resilient nature. Even though they are realistic, entrepreneurs don’t take giving up as an option. In fact they use their failures as stepping stones in achieving what they could not. They tend to aim far beyond the sky because they know even if they can’t achieve their dream they will certainly achieve something when they try.

The main reason why entrepreneurs are different from others is because of their ability to think differently. For this reason they achieve more than an average individual could ever dream of.

By Hussain Jamshed

Turoob Sajjad