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Guest Post By Andrew Weiss, student at the University of Oregon. Andrew attended his first Startup Weekend during Global Startup Battle in Eugene, OR and created the Silent Style team. 

6 Things I Learned As A College Student Working At Startup Weekend

1. Have A Great Team
This is a concept that gets reiterated over and over again because it still holds true! If you surround yourself with a hard­working, innovative and diverse group of people, it makes the roller­coaster experience much more fun and manageable. Also get to know each other! These are the people you are going to spend an incredible amount of time with and so it is best to know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, pet peeves and passions as soon as possible to be the most effective team out there.

2. Stay Organized
It is CRUCIAL for your team to know where they are going and how they are going to get there. You don’t always need a leader to delegate tasks, in fact autonomous leadership is sometimes the best option because your teammates know what they are best at and how they can contribute. If you don’t do this everyone will be working on tasks that may be insignificant and don’t contribute to the larger goal. Keep each other updated and focused! Every hour you should review what you have
accomplished so far so you can feel good about yourselves and what you need to accomplish in the next hour to reach goals you set for the day.

3. Visualize Your Success
Entrepreneurship can be a tough field to break into because you might put hours, days, weeks, months and years into something you may never get paid for. Fortunately, this makes success that much sweeter which is why quotes, vision boards and mock trophies should be created to keep everyone in a happy and productive state­ of ­mind throughout the day. Humans are visual creatures, and if you place yourself in an environment where you can already feel the success, you are more likely to succeed.

4. Don’t Make Assumptions
We spent two days working on a product that specifically targets women because we saw one company in a certain industry grow in revenue from $3 million to $12 million in two years. However, the one female judge from our competition said she never wears similar products and none of her friends do either. Talk about heartbreak. Even though we did research and sent out surveys on the product and similar ones to it, we
still made broad assumptions and didn’t narrow it down as much as we should have for the prototype we had ready to insure our success.

5. Use Your Resources!
As part of the Startup Weekend, we had the honor of having an incredible amount of resources throughout the weekend from free websites we could use to instructional videos on how to stand out from other companies. We also had constant advice from mentors who helped us and already found solutions to problems we didn’t even know existed. Without all their help we would have been confused.

6. Push Forward
Rejection is a part of life and that is reality. Success stories consistently show that those who are the most successful have the most resilience. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company that he started and Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” So if you are truly passionate enough in your product or service and want to make it happen, you will. That is the truth. So push
forward fellow entrepreneurs, and let’s continue to innovate and make this world a better place!

Sara Sonnen Sara Sonnen
Sara is the Email Marketing Manager at Techstars. Previously, Sara was the Email Marketing Manager at UPGlobal before Techstars acquired the company in 2015. Sara graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Business Administration from Washington State University.