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Startup Weekend Pensacola
Fall 2014

1. Ryan Lynn – reminder app that helps you get off social media and ignore distractions so you can get back to work, studying, etc.
2. Christian Garabedian – ‘MeriCAN – redesigning gas cans!
3. Elliot Dean – Yikes Security – advertising on lock screens
4. Jasmine Lee – The Whole iShebang! A multi-floor entertainment venue
5. Olivia Puckett – Portable Candle to wipe out smells
6. Manuela – Kid’s Fun Zone – indoor play area for kids
7. Josue Rosalez – Fashion app with a Facebook integration where friends can give you advice on what to wear
8. Joseph – Arterex – an app that helps people find what arts and culture events to do in their local communities
9. Tom Moore – Genscope V – test your DNA from your fingerprint
10. Tim Jones – Colorful Voices – an app that helps veterans and employers communicate
11. Jon Cody – Your 2 Cents – Collaborative problem solving
12. Peter Paulding & Trevor – Cop App – suite of apps for law enforcement to help with in car video and other expensive in-car technologies
13. Peter – Survival Institute – a one-stop program for survival training
14. Shashan – AID Production – produce videos incorporating people from around the world
15. Phat Lee – LyfeBoat – Uber for Roadside Assistance
16. Christopher Barge – SAME – Self Assembly Made Easy
17. Robert Moreland – Smart Solar Controller for water heaters
18. Dr. Greg Lilly – Move Right – technology to help people manage back pain
19. Trish Taylor – Shift Happens – an app helps people implement their plans after business and life coaching
20. Jake O’Neill – Smart Text – a translation app for urban slang used in text messages
21. Amanda Kondrayev – Dinosaur Adventure Land – a park for people to learn about dinosaurs and science
22. Andre Kondrayev – anti-microbial substance to create sterile environments. Solve ebola!
23. Tyler Tiwari – Ben Franklin – task/goal management app.
24. Darryl Lindie – $ Cloud – helping continue learning where the Massive Open Online Courses stop
25. Database of Things – user algorithms and data science to predict all sorts of trends.
26. Derek Dwyer – eTernity – app to house memories of people who have passed away
27. Rebecca Payne – increase use of ECAT by making it easy to find route information and purchase passes.
28. Brent Scott – Homes Find Me / Cars Find Me – help buyers market themselves to those who can help them solve their problem (buy a home, buy a car, etc).
29. Robocrates – Robot + Socrates – have a conversation with a robot!
30. Dominic Grasso – Simply Science – a STEM education Q&A site.
31. Solar Media Com – smart solar panels

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