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The headlining competition for the thousands of participants at the 68 Startup Weekend events that took place during GEW (Nov 11-18) was undoubtedly Global Startup Battle: a chance to represent your local startup ecosystem on a global stage, awesome prizes, and secure bragging rights—what could be better?

How about 700 startups!

Heading into GEW, the Core Team and Startup Weekend event organizers were working on a challenge of our own: to bring together enough entrepreneurs to create 500 startup teams.

The final tally is in and forget about making our goal—we blew it out of the water!  A grand total of 700 teams worked on business plans and prototypes at Startup Weekend events on 5 continents and at events that ranged in size from just 5 teams to 26.

We’re really proud to have so exceeded our initial goal.  Although we acknowledge that not all of these teams will keep working on their startup ideas now that the event is over, every member of all 700 teams learned something about entrepreneurship.  They met new people, tried something different, asked great questions, found mentors, and thought about problems in a new light.

We’re already making plans for GEW 2012: 1,000 startups, here’s looking at you!