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If you’re a New Yorker, and you’ve always wanted to try your hand at “adopting” for just a short-term period, say a week tops, then the Adopt A Hacker project is just right for you.

The Adopt A Hacker project was born just this Monday proud parents Jonathan Wegener, Ben Fisher, and a Startup Weekend NYC team consisting of Aaron Knight, Michael Tseng, Nick Khuu, Michael DeFranco, Heather John, and Ariel Zavala. New York is experiencing a boom when it comes to the tech scene, and the project is hoping to pull in more hackers, or should we say developers.

Ben and Jonathan created the project during the Startup Weekend NYC event, seeing how New York City is still lacking the manpower when it comes to developers and programmers. A matchmaking service called “Big Apple Greeter” provided more inspiration as to what they can do to answer the said scarcity. Ben and Jonathan brought in a few key people from Startup Weekend NYC, and out came Adopt A Hacker.

Adopt A Hacker works this way: developers log in to the service via Facebook, fill out an online form where they can specify their background, work history, and experiences. The team itself sees through the match-up and makes sure the hacker and potential hosts have at least a few common threads, such as a couple of friends on Facebook. The host gives their approval, and the hacker receives an email detailing the potential hosts and some information about them.

Looks like Adopt A Hacker is starting off pretty high, seeing how 25 hackers are already scheduling their NYC trip since Monday, and about 150 New Yorker have volunteered to become hosts. Startup Weekend is proud to have produced such a startup that promotes the tech and startup scene.

Via: mashable.com