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Hey guys, check out our amazing keynote speaker, James Montgomery!

James Montgomery manages the principal investment activities at Montgomery & Co., including Payvia, Vantage Media, FindTheBest, ServiceMesh, and other holdings.  Mr. Montgomery has also been an investor in a range of successful software, technology, internet, biotechnology and communications companies.

James Montgomery is a recognized industry expert in high technology industries and markets, and has advised leading global, media, communications, and technology companies regarding industry consolidation, new market entry, divestitures, strategic alliances and capital formation.  He founded Montgomery & Co in 1986 and has advised over 500 leading companies.    Mr. Montgomery also founded the highly successful Montgomery Technology Conference, the largest technology conference in the world, which is hosted each March in Santa Monica.

Mr. Montgomery currently serves as a Senior Advisor to Signal Hill Group.

Mr. Montgomery is a board member of Vantage Media and a board observer at Payvia. Mr. Montgomery received his master’s degree in economics from Cambridge University and holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, San Diego

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