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London Startup Weekend, where 28 talented teams brilliantly pitched, was followed a few days later by an additional thirteen fantastic pan-European pitches. The second round of presentations came from all over Europe to join the Europe Startup Weekend Battle, the first-ever event for startups founded or launched at Startup Weekend events throughout Europe.


These promising companies had the opportunity to pitch their startup in front of an audience of top European investors and press. After being nominated through 4,500 votes, the 13 teams coming from 6 countries (France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Macedonia and Poland) were given 5 minutes (plus a few more for Q&A) to convince the investor panel to vote them Best European Startup.


If you missed it, here is what happened there:


First, the evening started with a talk from Tuubio’s CEO Jens Sorensen on his own experience as a ‘born at a Startup Weekend’ startup. He particularly stressed on the fact that as entrepreneurs, you could definitely look forward to “more mood swings than a pregnant lady”…


After that, the Venture Capitalist guests and judging panel were asked various questions that brought an interesting debate on the table. The roundtable panel was composed of:

  • Rogan Angelini-Hurll, General Partner at ProFounders
  • Krishna Visvanathan, Partner at DFJ Esprit/Encore Ventures
  • Rob Moffat, Principal at Balderton Capital
  • Christian Thaler-Wolski, Principal at Wellington Partners
  • Martin Kelly, Partner at IBM Venture Capital


After a very interesting debate, and when you could obviously feel the stress from the teams, pitches began for 13 great startups:

  • Trawell – Travel guide (SW Skopje)
  • Betcafe – Social football betting game (SW Athens)
  • Quidizz – Quiz game (SW Montpellier)
  • Gamorlive – Live neighborhood gaming (SW Nice)
  • Pocket Discount – Geolocalized discount app (SW Skopje)
  • Appibabies – Raise a baby application (SW Paris)
  • GoWar – Location based strategy game (SW Venice)
  • MyGuidie – Travel guide (SW Warsaw)
  • Livetheplace – Street marketing campaigns through mobile (SW Galicia)
  • SmartAgro – Collecting and sharing farm data for developing countries (SW Toulouse)
  • PlaceChallenge – Location-based challenges game (SW Warsaw)
  • Sharypic – Gathering event pictures (SW Paris)
  • SponsoringSolution – Social network dedicated to sponsoring (SW Nice)


All the teams received support from the crowd but some of them particularly retained the judging panel’s attention. For example, the runner-up for the Battle, Sponsoring Solution, totally convinced them. Sponsoringsolution.fr is a tool for sponsor-seeking organizations to help them find the right sponsor and provide the right information in beautifully designed templates. The investors seemed to agree that this service could have a sizeable market although they doubted the business model.


Those who totally stole the show were the last to present. The Appibabies team rocked the stage with an original presentation of their iPhone app, the new generation of Tamagotchi-like characters. The app allows users to find each other thanks to Foursquare and make a baby (virtually).  They can then raise it together with their iPhones with all the good and bad consequences that comes with sudden parenthood! The original concept of the Tamagotchi has been enriched with more interaction. For example, when parents run out of diapers, they have to check-in at a grocery store in order to get more. The team also demonstrated how users can buy new outfits for their babies at stores like The Kooples and discussed how brand partnerships could offer discounts to users who checked in with the service at that same store. The success of the presentation was obvious as the first VC’s reaction was “can I have an invite to your private beta?”


As their reward, Appibabies will receive a paid trip to San Francisco to attend a Startup Weekend with also tickets for the FailCon in Paris, the GotoCon in Aarhus and preferred access to any StartupBootCamp accelerator program. The battle promised to be exciting and it didn’t disappoint!