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This week at Startup Weekend, we had an ask for our community: to give us your feedback on the relationship between U.S. corporations and startups. We also have an update on Startup Weekend alumni Freak’n Genius and thought leadership on education reform.

Are U.S. Corporations Supportive Of Startups? Weigh In On The Discussion.

Startup Weekend needs your input! We are compiling case studies and survey results about startups and their relationships with corporations.  Has your startup received support from a corporation (financial, mentorship, other)? Was your startup acquired by a corporation? Do you think corporations should be doing more for startups?

This is your chance to offer your unique perspective on these questions and more. Your feedback will become a critical part of a national study that highlights the corporations that are actively supporting entrepreneurship.  We need your input to balance the discussion and better incorporate the voice of the entrepreneur.

Your perspective will shed light on these relationships — on what is working and what needs to be done to better support startups.  Please take the quick survey here.

Freak’n Genius Launches New Mobile App YAKiT

This Wednesday, Startup Weekend alumna Freakn’ Genius launched their newest mobile app YAKiT. The video texting app opened to excellent reviews in the Apple app store.

YAKiT allows users to bring photos to life in seconds by putting words into the mouth of anyone or anything. They create hilarious animated video-messages that deliver more satisfying and engaging conversations than texting or emojis. Congratulations to the Freakn’ Genius team!

Download YAKIT in the iTunes store herelearn more about Freakn’ Genius on their website or read our blog post here.

Creating a Legacy of Passion-Driven Education — Huffington Post

This week, Startup Weekend’s Culture Manager and Facilitator Demi Wetzel wrote about education reform and going beyond the classroom. Wetzel highlights the different areas beyond the classroom to support a passion-driven education: leveling the playing field with open-source tools, learning by doing in your own community, and building the curriculum of the future. To learn more, read this article here. 

Google For Entrepreneurs Teams Up with Startup Weekend’s NEXT


On April 17, we announced Google for Entrepreneur’s newest partnership with NEXT, Startup Weekend’s 5-week long program based on Steve Blank’s Customer Discovery. Thanks to this new partnership, we are excited to use Google+ hangouts to train instructors, expand course offerings, and instruct entrepreneurs on how to launch their business. Find out when the NEXT program is near you is and register today. 

 We’re Hiring!

Startup Weekend is looking for talented, passionate community leaders! We’re hiring for a Lead Designer, Web Developer, Regional Manager, and Regional Manager- Middle East/North Africa. Find out more by visiting our careers page.