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One of the biggest questions from our community this week was, who won the Google I/O competition? In addition to announcing the winners, we are also excited to present the 2012 Impact Report and show the incredible impact that the Startup Weekend community has had on the world this past year alone.


Reboot Your Education Like an Entrepreneur — Forbes

Startup Weekend’s CMO Joey Pomerenke wrote a piece for Forbes this week on making the most of your college education. Pomerenke said that the most important thing is for students to take education in their own hands. Two tips: “more coffee, less class-” spend more time networking and to create your own experiences and internships. Check out the full article here.

Getting Off On The Right Foot: How To Find The Best Cofounder — Forbes

Franck Nouyrigat, Startup Weekend CTO, published a piece in Forbes this week on how non-technical founders can find the best cofounder. The key, Nouyrigat writes, is to sell yourself, not the idea. Get acquainted with your local startup community, figure out what you bring to the table and develop your cofounder skills and then,test out your pitch. Read the article here.

Intrapreneurship: More than a Market Trend — Geek Wire

Startup Weekend’s Communications Manager discusses the value of developing “intraprenurial” programs within larger corporations. She touches on the basics: Implementing a framework, creating a multidisciplinary environment, and leveraging existing strengths and resources. The article highlights Microsoft’s “Garage” space for innovation on their Redmond, WA campus. Annette Bjorklund, Microsoft Project Manager, emphasizes the importance of these programs.  Read the article here.

See How You Changed the World in 2012 — The Startup Weekend Impact Report 

Yesterday, we released our 2012 impact report.  2012 proved to be a year of accomplishments: We reached 100,000 entrepreneurs and celebrated by ringing the New York Stock Exchange bell on December 28, 2012, over 500 Startup Weekend events were held around the world — all because of the 3,000+ volunteers that put in over 300,000 hours with us! Our Impact Report is really a thank you to our community and sponsors; without their support, none of this would have been possible. Check out the full blog post with impact report highlights here.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 1.39.36 PM

Google I/O Contest Winners:

Two weeks ago, we announced the Google I/O contest. Submissions required an application for Startup Weekend’s own internal system using one or more Google applications. We would like to thank all participants who submitted their entries. We reviewed over 40 excellent entries with valuable until we decided on four winners:

Antonio Zugaldia’s Beaker Bubbler

Thibaut Labarre’s Also Happening This Weekend

Kashif Qureshi’s Startup Weekend Tablet AP

Juan Risso’s Xplorer Guide

Congratulations to all four winners! 

Want to Work at Startup Weekend?

If you love the Startup Weekend community, we have another way for you to get involved: We’re hiring! We are currently looking for a Lead Designer, Web Developer, Regional Manager, and NEXT Director of Product Development to join our team. View the full job descriptions here.

Have a great weekend!

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  • Confused

    Hmmmm 3 people from DC area enter and 3 people from the DC area win. Oh and the forth was from Seattle where the org is headquartered. I didn’t enter so i don’t really have a horse int his race, but I find it odd. Also a friend pointed out that one of the winners was using a dataset unavailable to the other contestants.

  • Saroyanm

    I guess it would be nice that you could describe how the winners have been chosen. What you took in consideration, during the choice, how you compare with other ones.
    Thanks in advance.