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Answer provided by: Nishika de Rosairo, CEO and Creative Director, dE ROSAIRO. Previous Employment: Strategic Human Capital Advisor for 9 years at Deloitte Consulting, Apple, Levi, Cisco, Salesforce and others.

How important is it to have business partners? 

NishikaWe are entrepreneurs, thought leaders, champions of the world, and YES we believe we can do it all, and of course we can… until we realize that true success depends on bringing together a team of rock star individuals to plug in where you can’t, or frankly, where you sometimes shouldn’t.

For example, some businesses require a solid supply chain. In the fashion industry, it is not possible for me to weave the fabrics I need for my designs, design the clothes, and then manufacture at the quantities that I need. Besides the point that weaving fabrics is not a skill I have, and because of the varied fabrics we use at dE ROSAIRO, we need to have strong relationships with multiple fabric mills who can provide us with an array of choices. Similarly on the manufacturing side, we also need manufacturers who can make patterns, make samples, and cut/sew at the quantities we need. Naturally this means we have to maintain relationships with multiple business partners.

On the other hand, if I weren’t in the fashion industry and instead, I had, let’s say, strong programming skills and wanted to build an app, then I might need a different set of business partners. I would still need to ask myself questions related to marketing strategy, social media strategy, sales strategy etc.

There are multiple aspects to running a business, and although entrepreneurs are super stars with motivation that drives us to the highest pinnacles… we’re still human, and we need a hand on our way to achieve and maintain success.

To be successful, identify the areas you need help with in your business — who can put together a social media strategy better than you can, who can run your SEO mechanics (if that’s not your strong suite). Find a way to grow and escalate your operations with the assistance of key business partners who are able to help you see your vision through.

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