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Motivation, focus, and determination

James O’Cull is a great example of a “get things done” entrepreneur. Though his business Kalidity didn’t begin at Startup Weekend, he did find Startup Weekend’s emphasis on active networking and action enticing. O’Cull possesses the same motivation, focus, and determination as many Startup Weekend entrepreneurs. O’Cull believes that Startup Weekend “wasn’t a place to plan excessively or waste time in meetings; it was a place to get things done and get them done fast. I enjoyed the fast paced atmosphere and the opportunity to make something real in just one weekend.”

Music on the go

Kalidity allows you to steam music from your home computer to any other internet connected computer, as well as the iPhone. Kalidity saves time because “streaming takes minutes, if you had to upload music it could take hours or days depending on the size of your library,” says O’Cull. Kalidity is different from its competitors since “it’s designed for people with large music libraries. Our goal was to take all the tasks of listening to music and make them streamlined and simple.”

Concept turned into Business

It’s no surprise that O’Cull created a company that streams online music; his entire entrepreneur attitude is about accomplishment. His inspiration from Startup Weekend’s “all action” promise has helped him build his music connection service. For more information on Kalidity, check out their website.