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hackathon, at&t, mobile, apps, developerAll we can say about the upcoming AT&T Mobile Hackathon (Friday, April 13th!) is that you will have a good time, there will be food, and you can win awesome prizes. There will be awesome developer support from Apigee and AT&T and some great speakers. How can you beat that? It is free, there is food, and you get to hack all weekend!

Here is some more on the schedule and prizes. Head on over to Eventbrite for the rest of the details and to register while there is still room.


Schedule.  The following is a list of the weekends agenda:


  • 6PM – Friday Evening – Kickoff event with drinks, networking, and developer dating which leads into idea pitches and team formation.


  • 10AM – Saturday Morning – The fun continues with an all day hackathon. Work with the teams that you formed on Friday night to produce the app spec’d out the night before. Senseis will be available throughout the entire event to help you code up your solution. App submissions will be accepted throughout the day with a deadline of 7PM.


  • 7PM – Saturday Evening – Promptly at 7PM, teams will begin pitching their ventures. Pitches are limited to three (3) minutes per team.


Prizes. The following prizes are experiential and geared towards accelerating you towards a successful business as well as expanding your network and industry knowledge:


  • Best Overall App
    • 1st Place – $500 in Gift Cards
    • 2nd Place $300 in Gift Cards
    • 3rd Place $200 in Gift Cards


  • Best AT&T mHealth API App
    • 1st Place – One (1) Mac Book Air for each team member (Max 3)


  • Best AT&T Blackflag API App
    • 1st Place – Entire team seeded with Sierra Wireless Devices and 1 GB of service


  • Best App using AT&T Cloud Architect
    • 1st Place – One (1) Mac Book Air for each team member (Max 3)


  • Best App using Amazon Web Services
    • 1st Place – $1500 Gift Card for AWS


  • Best App using Serge SDK
    • 1st Place – One (1) Mac Book Air for each team member (Max 3)
    • 2nd Place – One (1) iPad for each team member (Max 3)


  • Best App using Usergrid (must have implemented working API)
    • 1st Place – $600 in Gift Cards to Best Buy