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Founded at Startup Weekend Columbus, Mockly is a simple web app for sharing design mockups with clients.  For faster and more reliable sharing, Mockups are organized into “Huddles”, and served from a super-fast CDN network.

Founder Alex Ford explains,

I’m a web designer, and a problem I (and other designers) run into all the time goes something like this: I finish a web design (in Photoshop), save it as a PNG file, and send it via email to my client for review. When they open it, it can be scaled down by their image viewer, cropped, blurry, etc. Then my clients and I waste time exchanging communication like “why is it so small?” or “I can’t read the text”, or, worse: the attachment was too big or otherwise rejected by their email system.

Instead, Mockly allows you to just drag/drop your completed Mockups into your browser window, then quickly share a short URL (something like http://mock.ly/dHHP). The mockups are then shown right in the client’s browser. There are three reasons this is cool:

1) The mockups are shown at 100% scale, unchanged from your original upload, so you’re sure the client sees them at the right size

2) The designs are presented in their “natural habitat”—a web browser. This makes the context of the design easier to understand by framing the design in it’s eventual presentation (the browser).

3) Clients and designers can click on parts of the design and create discussion right there in the design, rather than long email chains.


Other Mockly features:

  • Mockups are displayed exactly as uploaded, and clients can leave comments right in the browser.
  • Mockly will send you an email (or even a text!) when your client views or comments on a Huddle.
  • There are cool features like built in audio chat, “Retina” mockup support, and drag/drop uploading of
  • multiple mockups at once. 


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