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by Helga Sonier on behalf of Team AudioScribe: Buy back Your Time.

If you could buy back time this is how you’d want to spend it. Auckland Startup weekend went well beyond all our expectations. Although we all came in with different ideas about what we might come away with our team was so talented, so energetic and so damn nice that our respective expectations were blown out of the water.

Personally I had hoped to gain some insights about how to go from a concept to a minimum viable product. After working with the guys on my team I feel like I could build a rocket and run a multinational corporation on the side – with their help. The most significant thing I came away with; the quality of the team and the skills they bring is more valuable than money. A million dollars of investment means nothing without the people.

The mentors at Auckland Startup were of such high calibre of experience and knowledge. They selflessly made themselves available through the entire weekend, offering a roomful of talented dreamers the knowledge and resources required to fulfil our visions. They presented us with professional high end information, ideas and experience and they did this for no benefit other than to see their protégés on the road to success. Their generosity added to the overwhelming sense of goodwill and possibility; was there a single person that weekend that didn’t believe dreams could come true?

The sponsors of the event have made sure the practical realities of these dreams are now steadfastly in place. Through their generosity our team has the resources take www.AudioScribe.co.nz from an idea to a business. The E-centre’s intensive market validation programme and the virtual office locations in our target markets from Servcorp will help us take a step further towards bringing a fast, reliable and low-cost transcription service to journalists and writers. We started with a vision that our product will buy back time for busy professionals. How aptly fitting that Startup sponsors have afforded just that for our team. On top of offering AudioScribe super financial services to help with the product development MYOB also gave us, all of us, their space for the weekend. Time and space are both precious so we’re grateful to the MYOB team.

The AudiosScribe vision is clear and focused. In a crowded market we have identified a need for a simple and accurate service to make transcription, currently a painful process for a raft of professionals, painless. Not only that, but the medium and the provision are more secure and yet more available. Using unique technologies we are able to create a transcription service which will even, quite remarkably, distinguish between speakers. The vision is no less than inspirational. AudioScribe is a great idea, a stroke of genius really. The technology behind the application is remarkable. It’s a credit to the judges that they recognised the vision with a first place win for the team!

At the end, when the judges were sitting at their table and all those bright minds were carefully and nervously articulating their ideas it struck me – this was New Zealand Idol for geeks! I say that with the greatest respect and regard. The judges on the panel were the best in the business; they offered useful and insightful feedback to each contestant. The contestants came in every shape and size and from every walk of life. They came armed with raw talent yearning to be polished. And polished they were, after a weekend of grilling questions, challenges and constructive criticism they were no longer newbie’s, but men and women on the road to entrepreneurial success.

The net result of Auckland Startup weekend for our group is that each of us is certain we have built precious relationships that we’ll hold onto going forward. We have the basis of an outstanding team and we are keen and committed to see this extraordinary vision brought to reality. I know that my team-mates had an equally insightful and inspiring weekend. Thanks to Auckland Startup, keep on rockin those bright minds!

Helga Sonier on behalf Team AudioScribe; Alexei Dunayev, Danijel Duvnjak, Chirag Ahuja, John Graves and Helga Sonier: Buy back Your Time.

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