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…in 6,976 languages!

The team behind Babelverse, the world’s first real-time on-demand interpretation service, announced today that they will translate President Obama’s address in real-time to viewers around the world in 6,976 languages. The start-up, founded by Mayel de Borniol (France) and Josef Dunne (UK), were awarded top honours at LeWeb’11, the internationally renowned technology conference based in Paris, France.

“Barack Obama’s address this evening touches more than just folks from the United States,” says Dunne, who co-founded Babelverse in Athens, Greece. “The outcome of the address has a direct bearing on the lives of individuals across the globe, and we would like it to be accessible to the 7 billion citizens of the world, no matter what their native tongue is.”

Babelverse, a start-up that was part of the government-backed accelerator programme, Start-Up Chile, originally created the application as a way to improve communication during international rescue and relief operations in the aftermath of the 2011 Japanese Tsunami.

President Obama’s address, to be potentially translated into up to 6,976 languages can be streamed at: http://stateoftheunion.babelverse.com.

English speakers capable of translating to the various languages of the world can volunteer their time during the address at: http://stateoftheunion.babelverse.com.