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The following is a guest post by Kevin Kopas, one of the founders of AspirEDU, which was formed at a Startup Weekend Orlando EDU Event

The idea that a company can be successfully formed within hours is baffling at best. You need a gripping proposal, an exceptional team, and the endurance to push your abilities beyond measure. Fortunately for us, Startup Weekend offered us just that opportunity; an opportunity to initiate and implement an idea in only 54 hours. The challenge was simple: enter a room full of entrepreneurs with a business idea, form a group that matched your direction and strengths, and take that idea from seed to harvest. Sounds simple, right?

Our company, AspirEDU, was created in these 54 hours and would not have been realized without Startup Weekend Orlando Edu. Since the founding of AspirEDU Inc. in August of 2012, we have been awarded over $30,000 in prize money from other various startup competitions nationwide and are currently finalists in some of the largest business plan competitions including the FAU Business Competition and the Milken-Penn Business Plan competition. We are on our way to changing the face of online learning thanks to Startup Weekend.

To those who have yet to attend such an event, here is what you can expect:

  1. You are going to meet extraordinary people, make friends, and hopefully, start a new company.
  2. You will hear at least 10 ideas you have never fathomed.
  3. The ideas are infectious. You may hear one and instantly think of a million ways to grow it or you may hear five that you have already thought of. Getting your mind going and creating something is one of the most rewarding parts of the experience.
  4. You will create an amazing sense of synergy with your teammates; you will be part of a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts.
  5. You will be sleep deprived, drink too many Red Bulls, and experience large doses of frustration and defeat.
  6. You are at risk of quitting your day job and changing the world.

Changing an industry could take a lot of thought, maybe 54 hours of thought? By attending the next Startup Weekend event, you have an incredible opportunity to begin (or continue) your entrepreneurial journey. Don’t allow your idea to become another failed small business. Find the right team, develop your idea, and become your own success story. We are proud to say that we did. Thank you Startup Weekend!


 Photo by Josh Murdock

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