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Connecting the Community

Imagine easily finding chefs that seem to cook exactly for your specific taste all with the click of a mouse. With BigStove you can do just that: BigStove helps to connect individual chefs with a food loving community.  The team is a winning recipe of designers and food lovers- Dan Roberts, Ash Bhoopathy, Rich Lengsvath, and Agam Patel, who all met at SW Chicago in June 2010. Within the BigStove online marketplace, chefs and food lovers can search for their specific audience and delicious culinary creations so that both the artist and the gourmet can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Hungry for Service

Fundamentally, BigStove is a new type of service for both chefs and consumers. For chefs, the app allows them to connect with hungry customers and to increase business and sales. For food lovers, it expands their universe of meal options and supports local businesses. While the team saw a clear need for this sort of social marketplace, BigStove’s biggest challenge is validating that the chefs were indeed “hungry for our service,” says Dan Roberts. “Creating excitement about an idea is one thing, but committing time and effort to help build food business from the ground up is another.” Roberts and the BigStove team are “excited that they’ve secured a core group of chefs to pilot the BigStove launch. They’re also excited to help the chefs who believed in them early on build their own client bases.

Bigger Things Ahead for BigStove

The future looks bright for self-described ‘scrumptious’ BigStove.  They plan on branching out beyond local neighborhoods and into larger restaurants and Roberts “hopes that one day, BigStove tasting events will be as popular as concerts, and traveling chefs will ‘play’ in different kitchen venues every week.” Want to learn out more about BigStove? Join their mailing list for the latest updates!