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This article was originally published by Aislyn Greene on TechFlash.

Microsoft launched its newBing Booster program Wednesday in an effort to support new, innovative startups and build out its Bing search engine.

“There could be thousands of new businesses created that Bing can tap into in much the same way we use Everyscape for our restaurant interior panoramas, or ParkingFinder.com to help you find the cheapest garage before a Lakers game,” said the Bing team in a blog post.

To tap into those new startups, Bing is launching its Booster program in Boston, New York and San Francisco to bring “experts, connections, and resources to a few incubators and co-work spaces in each city.”

Microsoft already has its BizSpark program, which provides startups access to its software for three years, including support, training and mentorship. Bing Booster is an additional layer of support, focused on fostering innovation and boosting connections between startups and the search engine, said Microsoft.

“Our goal is to experiment with the willing folks in each city to see what we can provide beyond what BizSpark and the incubators already offer to help startups go from idea to execution. For Bing, it’s a chance to help guide new entrepreneurs to build the services and content we’ll need to transform search, make sure they know about the Bing APIs and foster connections between our internal teams and startups where it makes sense,” said the company.

Each city has a designated program manager: Betsy Aoki, a product manager in the company’s online services division, in Boston; Aya Zook, a product manger with the Bing division, in New York; and Stefan Weitz, Bing’s director, in San Francisco.