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Some companies get it!  Bizspark really pulled all the stops for this event and the community responded in such a positive way.  Check out #swredmond on Twitter, so much positive feedback and energy.    For anyone that is wasn’t able to attend the Startup Weekend Redmond event hosted at Microsoft you missed out!

The community called and Bizspark gave us what we asked for.  Thank you!  We had CTO’s, great food, killer venue, rock star speakers, and amazing teams.  This event was hands down the most powerful Startup Weekend I’ve yet been a part of.  THANK YOU!  If you thought you had this organization pinned as one that does not support their community or entrepreneurs from all platforms then think again!   Here is a list of startups that emerged from the room of 200:

Azure Alert

Common Ground




Know n Show



Search Kick


Friend Mosaic


Worlds Best Designer


Here are a few posts from the community:

“Microsoft continues to demonstrate that having an open mind and embracing developers & consumers where they find them, can be profitable in the long run. Would Apple have done similarly? Definitely not.  Kudos to Msft for making sure this was about coding apps, and not coding for Windows.”

@bizspark @startupweekend In case you haven’t heard everyone else saying it, #swredmond freaking rocked. Great event guys.

@MarcNager @clintnelsen @campreston @bizspark Terrific work on @startupweekend! Glad @CooleyGodward could be involved. #swredmond #sw20sf

Great job @bizspark & #swredmond. Thanks for the great weekend. Now I start my Monday with a major caffeine hangover.

#swredmond – my first startup weekend ever, had an awesome time, intense work, fab crowd. thx @StartupWeekend and @bizspark for organizing

It was great meeting everyone at #swredmond. Such amazing talent. Special thanks to the rockstars at @microsoft @bizspark & @startupweekend

Is @bizspark secretly Oprah? RT @StartupWeekend: Wow, @bizspark just bought every person in the room a shirt via Friend Mosaic #swredmond