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Looks like third time’s the charm for Idaho this year, because Startup Weekend Idaho #3 is on its way. If you want to be part of the brainstorm group to map everything out for SW # 3, then get your feet a-walkin’ towards Bardenay at 5:30 pm. Wring your brains out and help us prep up for the following:

Pre-SW Orientation – Provides the would-be participants a taste of the awesomeness that is yet to come. Posters, flyers, and other gimmicks might come in handy to attract as many people as possible.

Official website – Giving the official website a makeover can pull in many newbies to check out Startup Weekend. All information should be clear and in detail, and the page for the registration forms should also be worked on.

The when and where – Checking out possible venues should also be in order, and of course, all the facilities that can come with it, like WiFi and the conference room availability and size. Tentative date should also be discussed whether it’s starting the month right or ending the month strong with SW.

The who – No Startup Weekend would be complete if there aren’t any judges, no angel investors, sponsors, and all the VIP’s who can help bring SW into full swing. Scouting for successful local startup founders, owners, and CEO’s would help clear this agenda right away.

If you’re chock-full of ideas, then bring them over at Bardenay’s. If you can’t, just give us a shout-out online and we’ll write in your idea. Let’s all bring our heads together for a fantastic Startup Weekend Idaho. See you!