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Sometimes, startup ideas at Startup Weekend are left behind at the event and don’t even get out the gate. But it’s heartening to know that there are also a lot of teams who keep to their ideas, like the winning team at the recent Startup Weekend Omaha who conceived Call Spinner.

Call Spinner is a service in a form of a phone number that a person calls and gets matched with random callers. It was pitched as the phone version of Chatroulette, where you only use your voice to connect with people, as opposed to Chatroulette’s video, text, and voice. When you dial Call Spinner’s number, a voice will introduce you to the service, and will connect you with a random caller. You only get to have three minutes to talk to each other, before the call transfers you again to another random caller. Callers can also press the asterisk button if they want to pass up on a caller and move on to the next one.

In between the calls are also audio ads, which the team is working on. The team doesn’t really want callers to pay for using Call Spinner, so building an advertising platform is key. For now, free ads are offered, but people soon can advertise through Call Spinner.

You can get the most fun out of Call Spinner when you talk with as many random callers as possible. You can even use the service for your phone survey project, and you’ll be done in no time. Just make sure you call in at peak hours, or there’ll be no one to pick up the phone.

Via: Silicon Prairie News