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YallaStartup Weekend Beirut‘s very own Capsu.ly wins Global Startup Battle: Wild Card!  Congratulations to the entire Jordan-based team: Fouad Jeryes, Wael Farhan, Waleed Tuffaha, Dina Abu Khader, Ahmad Abdel-Yaman, Ibrahim Abu-Dhaim.  Great work on a super startup idea and an awesome stop-motion video!

In an impressive show of solidarity, Capsu.ly received three times as many votes as the second-ranked team.  The Middle East now boasts the winners of both GSB: Week 1 an dGSB: Wildcard–an impressive show of entrepreneurial innovation and grass-roots networking from one of Startup Weekend’s newer regions.

Capsu.ly is the “world’s first infinite and free community-based storage system” that takes personal files, dices them into pieces, duplicates and encrypts those pieces, and distributes them across a worldwide network of users.  Files are safe and inaccessible by those hosting them yet account holders can retrieve their personal files at any time.  Sound cool?  Want to learn more?  Check them out at capsu.ly!

Startup Weekend would like to thank everyone who voted but most of all, the 17 teams, representing 9 countries, who participated in Global Startup Battle: Wild Card.  We believe that each of your startup ideas has potential to see future successes and are happy to do what we can to support and promote you.  Send any updates to success@startupweekend.org.