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Not only is Startup Weekend making its way around the States, but it’s also trotting around the globe, and the next pit stop this weekend will be Russia.

Russia just recently concluded their 2nd Startup Weekend last April in Moscow, and already another one is on the way. One delightful trivia about the last SW was that about 1/3 of the participants weren’t even Muscovites. People from all over Russia – from St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Perm, Irkutsk, to Nizhny-Novgorod – came to participate for the fun weekend and gave a breath of fresh air to the capital city. And now that the 3rd SW will be held again at Moscow, folks from there can redeem themselves by sending in more troops to wave the Moscow banner high.

In a span of 54 hours in a weekend, attendees will learn about startups from the inside out, and from the bottom up. And it’s not just the learning you get from lectures, it’s the learning you get by actually doing it. And to give our Russian friends a big helping hand, different Russian speakers will say their piece on how to become a successful startup firm. The Speakers will include the CEO of freelance.ru, Basil Voropaev, along with a few of his project managers, CEO and co-owner of HeadHunter, Yuri Virovets, and several representatives from Yandex, the IT company that runs the largest search engine in Russia.

Good things come in threes and it sure looks that way for this upcoming Startup Weekend Russia. Russia has definitely been bitten by the SW bug and are enjoying every minute of it. So sign up now, and see you soon at the venue, Extropolis. Who knows, you might bring home not just a bottle of vodka, but a couple of prizes to launch your startup firm as well.