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After every startup weekend it is so clear that having events such as Startup Weekend can truly increase the likelihood of startups becoming successful. Nobody wants to head down the long road of a startup alone, and honestly the odds are not good if you do.

As an example, this past weekend in San Francisco we had Foodspotting emerge as a startup. By Sunday night we had 180 people’s thoughts, input, and advice, Sun Startup Essentials offering amazingly supportive services, Cooley Godward Kronish offering legal help, United Layer offering free hosting, sfCUBE offering free workspace, Angel Investors offering money, the community offering its support… The list goes on. The point is that these all add up to create a tremendous amount of value to really give these startups a head start.

Everyone in the room really took an invested interest to see that the Startup Weekend projects would leave Sunday with as much value input as possible. It is this type of support that will really give individuals, teams, and startups a leg up in today’s world.

Ultimately, if you are involved in a startup, you should really reach out and take advantage of those people, orginizations, and companies that offer their support!