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You know that phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”?

Yeah, it’s cliché, but anything that sticks usually has some stock to it.

While we do believe WHAT you know helps you in your success, knowing the right people and getting connected also helps. (Side note: we can’t wait to see what you know at Startup Weekend Laramie.) When it comes to networking, we often make the best connections with those similar in age, education, professional status and other traits. It’s easy to make those connections. During Startup Weekend Laramie you can plan on making close connections with all types of individuals from different backgrounds.

Networking with a diverse group of individuals can increase your awareness of how others think and expand your portfolio of connections. This can help you as a person, employee and entrepreneur.

Making an effort to figure out how someone thinks not only helps you understand them, but also opens doors for yourself when solving problems. Say you have a great business idea, but you don’t know how to budget, after chatting with an accountant for an hour, you might have the knowledge of where to start. Or possibly it’s more abstract than that. You might have issues when it comes to communicating about problem solving at work, after a weekend of working with a group of people—each with their unique communication style—you can discover what you like and what works best for you.

Each unique connection you create can be an added resource when it comes to starting up a new business or continuing to succeed in your career.

Techstars Startup Weekend Laramie is the perfect opportunity to find your diverse network and connect with people you might not usually get to. Meet accountants, business coaches, venture capitalists, technology experts and more. Get your tickets at the early bird price through Sept. 1: http://communities.techstars.com/events/13161


Hannah Robinson