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Created during Startup Weekend Athens 2012, LoveChirp is a fun new site that lets techie lovers surprise their sweethearts or secret crushes through (sweet, romantic, sexy, or hilariously inappropriate) voice messages, anonymously or not.

This February 14th, why settle for a standard card and box of chocolates? Want to make your sweetheart’s day special, or catch the attention of that certain someone you’re secretly admiring from afar? Here is LoveChirp, brought to you by the award-winning startup Babelverse.

Chirps (142 character messages) are written and translated by contributors in any number of other languages, and people can record them in their own voice or a impersonating a celebrity. These can then be sent through a Facebook message, Twitter crush or anonymously to a phone number which will ring and play the message*.


For more info visit http://lovechirp.com

*Sending a Chirp via Facebook or Twitter is free, but to send one anonymously to a secret crush, it costs 1.99.

LoveChirp is also recording and translating “I love you” in as many languages as they can. See how they’re doing so far here.

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