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So, we realized that if we had just $1 for every time we hear the Startup Weekend tickets are too cheap, we would be rich! haha… Seriously though, so we decided to do something about it. We put a donation option on our ticket page for the upcoming event in Redmond, and we soon got our first donation of $5! (you can see it here) All the additional funds we collect from this will go straight to giving away prize money at events, getting sweeter resources for the attendees, and helping to continue our efforts as a non-profit.

We took a light approach to it since it is not a mandatory thing, and we got some great feedback from Nathan after we pinged him to say thanks for being our first donator.

A big thanks goes out to Nathan Smith (@nathan_smith)

“I’m happy to donate!  Granted $5 isn’t a lot of money, maybe it will start the ball rolling in a positive direction.  If I had the $10,000 laying around, would certainly donate it since I think that yours is about the most positive and creative cause I have found lately.  I too am passionate about entrepreneurship, and I am always interested in getting to know those in this area with similar drive and ambition.  As far as the form goes, I thought that the informality of the donation amounts was very inviting and triggered a degree of user trust that is hard to acquire.  Seriously, great marketing skills!”