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Startup Weekend Oman just recently wrapped up last Saturday (July 30, 2010), and wouldn’t you know it, but the event just set a world’s first.

Although Startup Weekend has already backpacked its way through more than 40 countries around the world, Oman was the first country in the Arab Region and in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to welcome the event in its homeland. And surely, this was a big step both for Oman and Startup Weekend in “raising the spirit of initiatives to establish SME’s (small to medium enterprise) in the Sultanate.”

All in all, 96 Omani participated in the event. And what was wonderful about it was that most of them were young people. It was encouraging to know that the younger population was gearing up to make their mark in the business world. Oman India Fertilizer Company, one of the sponsors of the event, was proud to have played a role in “stimulating young people to innovate and establish their own projects out of its national and corporate social responsibility.”

Oman’s SW was fortunate enough to have many other sponsors, including their own government. The Ministry of Higher Education, Sohar Aluminum, and Knowledge Oasis, along with the aforementioned Oman India Fertilizer, all supported the event wholeheartedly.

Want your country to also set a record in your region just like Oman? If you’re still waiting around for Startup Weekend to come by your city, then tell us all about your plans or better yet, just go ahead and do it.

via Times of Oman
photo credit Pacific Prime