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What is the the Small Business Innovation Spotlight? A weekly newsletter featuring a real small business with a real problem. Have a solution? If you decide to build a solution for a featured small business problem, we’ll help you get in touch with the small business owner, and potentially feature you on apps.com and more.

Small Business Spotlight: Meet EcoMasterBoards

ecoTell us a little bit about your business.
We are EcoMasterBoards, an E-Commerce business. We sell Eco friendly tile sample /display boards for granite, tile, marble, flooring, etc. (niche small distributors).

How many different software solutions do you use to run your business?
Accounting, that is it for now.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in trying to manage your business?
Attracting new clients via SEO…we are a small business so small budget (SEO packages ran approximately $1500 per month with a year commitment…thus we advertise using social media and word of mouth. Cash flow is also a challenge which is true for most new and small businesses.



How much time do you spend working online in the course of a typical business day? How do you use your time online?
9-10 hours, which includes processing purchase orders, reconciling accounts, working with manufacturers, scheduling shipping, managing our website, paying vendors, processing custom orders, answering client questions via e mail (pricing, quotes, etc.).

Do you currently use any mobile apps to run your business?
Yes, Facebook pages manager, PayPal, QuickBooks, Mobile banking, WordPress.

What features of your current small business software do you love?
The ability to download bank information to quickly reconcile accounts.

What features of your current small business software do you hate? Is it well suited to your type of business?
The inability to generate ad hoc reports.

What would be an ideal software solution for your business look like?
The ability to create ad hoc reports based on specific data fields within the accounting software. Currently I am using an access database to combine multiple data points that I need to grow our business.

How much, if anything, would you pay for this solution? How much would this solution be worth to you on a monthly or annual basis?
It all depends on the time the new solution will save our company from manual data manipulation. Once I know time saved I can translate to dollars saved.

Do you have any additional thoughts you would like to share? Is there anything about QuickBooks or any other small business software solutions that you would like to share?
I would like to be able to maintain client and vendor information and have the ability to download specific fields. Maybe it is there and I do not see it. It would be great to track shopping history and frequency of orders and products ordered as well as prices and discounts given based on journal entries or inventory entries (client specific and/or product specific). Same goes for vendor payments.




Sara Sonnen Sara Sonnen
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