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Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.39.46 AMAt UP Global we believe every person has the opportunity to experience and become an entrepreneur. In all we do, we practice radical inclusion to help build and grow this open world of entrepreneurship for everyone.

Editions Month is all about this inclusion by exploring undiscovered topics, industries, and giving audiences a chance to experience entrepreneurship firsthand. A great example of this is the Startup Weekend Women events organized by women for female entrepreneurs in their community. We first launched this edition of Startup Weekend last year and have seen tremendous efforts by women around the world organizing these events. During the month of May for Editions Month, Women & Girls events were the most popular edition being held!

In this post we go to Bangalore, India to take a look at their upcoming Women’s event. Be sure to also check out their inspiring story about improving the life of women in their community and how entrepreneurship can help.

Organizing team members:
Pavan Kumar
Anupama Prakash
Swathi Parasuraman
Ruche Mittal

What are you most excited about for your upcoming event?

What we look forward to the most in holding an event such as this is the prospect of enabling women entrepreneurs to actively work together towards a common goal, exchange ideas based on their experience and generally be a part of something that will contribute to increasing their confidence and drive in the entrepreneurial world.

It is a collective effort where all of our organizing team is coming together to make this happen. In a way, we are also empowered by a sense of unity in our journey to make this Startup Weekend a success. We are excited to how these women nurture over the course of three days and what they take away with them at the end.

What makes this Edition special for your community?

Our SHE Bangalore edition of Startup Weekend is a special one where we are trying to dig out the brilliant but unknown women entrepreneurs of Bangalore city, a city already famed for its startup culture being number one in India. When such a conducive environment for the setting up of start ups is already in place and rapidly growing day by day, we feel that it is high time more women jump onto this bandwagon and showcase their successes. We want to give these women a playground of sorts to exercise their entrepreneurial faculties which is the essence of SHE Bangalore.

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Kacey Wherley Kacey Wherley
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